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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Under Construction

Well, I had mentioned about a month ago that we were going to be building a sewing room for ME!!! Well, we started construction a couple of weeks ago, It is just Stuart and me, and the girls so it will take us a bit since we can only work on weekends! We got the foundation done, and I am pretty sure that the foundation is the hardest part! We finished the foundation, and stared construction on the floor, got the bug barrier, insulation and the floor down on Saturday, (boy were we sore!) Then Sunday we opened the main kit and unpacked, so got a later start than I would have liked but we did manage to get the west wall framed and the siding on! We were so sore and tired by that time that we decided to call it a weekend and left the side down due to strong winds predicted this week. So, Saturday next weekend we will raise the west wall and construct the other three walls! All in all things are going pretty smoothly! For those who are interested, my sewing room will be 10'x20' free standing. I purchase it as a kit from a wonderful place called home place structures. The folks there are awesome, wonderful customer service. It actually arrived here almost 2 weeks before expected (how often does that happen!) It is all pre-measured and pre-cut with a WONDERFUL instruction manual that has step by step instructions with actual pictures! So with out further ado.... Pictures of our progress! Oh, and the Big guy is my Wonderful Wonderful husband, and the Little guy is our full time helper AKA His Nibs or better known as Scoochy Poochy! Enjoy the pictures and I will post again soon.