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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Peacock quilt for Rhonda.

Last week my darling husband called me from work to ask if I could make a quilt for his managers, it seems that she doesn't have any heat in her office. I said I would and set out to make this quilt. I played with the layout on EQ7 until I found something I liked and then got to work, it took me just one day to put together. 
I had a lot of fun making the quilt, and deciding how I was going to quilt it. I needed something fast and easy, yet elegant to match the beautiful peacock on the panel. 

 So, I decided to do a simple swirl type fill with tiny peacock feathers in the black, stitched with black thread so not to detract from the print.
 Then in the pinwheel blocks I had a feather party! Each half square triangle got a peacock feather!
I needed to make this a super warm quilt (due to the lack of heat) so I opted for Minkee on the back with Warm and Natural as the batting. I love how the quilting shows on the back of the quilt.

Stuart took the quilt to work today and by all reports she loves the quilt!

Now I think I will make another one, for me! And I am going to add some hot fix crystals to mine!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What I've been working on.

I have been a busy busy girl! I wish I could say that I have been working on personal quilts, but nope that's not the case. Oh don't get me wrong I am certainly not complaining! I have been getting more and more customer quilts and that makes me very happy. Plus I am now doing at least two classes a month over at the shop and that is a good thing too.

I have just finished piecing a beautiful quilt top that is due to be quilted this weekend, it is for Stuarts boss. She doesn't have any heat in her office so he ask me if I could make her a quilt... this is the results!

 I have finished 4 customer quilts since Thanksgiving. Here is a snippet of what I have been working on, each is very unique and had it's own challenges.

 This is a gorgeous quilt! It is all embroidery. She wanted just a simple stitch in the ditch with a monopoly thread. So that's what I did.

 A jeans quilt, this was a fun on. A simple meander, the customer used a fusible and fused the tree material on top of denim, I was a little worried about the weight and my machine handling the denim, and knit and fusible. She did good though and I had no problems!

 This was a quilt made by my friend Carol. I purchased several new leaf templates at MQX in October and was telling her about them, she "donated" her quilt for me to learn on! I have to say I LOVE the templates, the leaves stitch out beautifully and really surprisingly fast.
 The back of the quilt, I like it!
 A close up of one of the leaves.
 And a big ole feather on the border.
This last little quilt is a baby quilt for another friend from the shop. This was a super fast and easy quilt done with a sweet heart pantograph. I do love Ann Bright Pantos!