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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Garrett's Eagle Scout Quilting for Cancer Project coming along nicely!

Is a serious understatement! I am pleased to say that the main reason I have been negligent about blogging is because I am so very busy quilting! My business has just exploded this last month. Last week I get calls for 10 quilts! For a fairly new business I can't complain. On top of these quilts I have been working with Garrett on his Eagle Scout quilts, we are coming to the end of his project with all quilts needing to be quilted, bound and labeled by Feb. 21st! This week I have had the boy scouts over and they are finishing the last 5 quilts! Last night was day 2 they are finishing one a night and I have been very impressed with how they have just jumped right in. Check out the pictures below!
 One of the dads was so intrigued by the whole process that he as if he could give it a try. I loved his comment that "after a day of surgery (he is a Dr.) this would be very relaxing and rather zen like."
 David was a bit nervous at first but got the hang of it pretty quickly!

 Matt and David feeling rather proud, and for good reason, they each finished a quilt!

 And I think they actually had fun doing it. Matt has decided that quilting should be an Olympic sport!

Garrett working on his quilt.
Wendi did 2!

 These are just a few of the quilts that everyone has been working on.

This is Garrett showing off one of the quilts at Quilt Party. Stay tuned for pictures of when we get the entire batch completed! 

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As always thanks for stopping by!
Happy quilting,