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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Many Hands Make Light Work

Just a quick check in to show off the work we got done this weekend!

Since we are tearing out the carpet this seemed like the perfect time to paint! So I spent the week packing up my kitchen and dining room, now neither one of these rooms had ever been painted, so 15 years of wear and tear took a bit of prep time. We started early, patched and cleaned then started painting at about 10 am... with 5 of us working it actually went pretty fast. The cutting in took the most amount of time, but once that was done I was able to roll the walls pretty rapidly. I think it looks nice. The color we chose was "pale daffodil"
Morgen and Cassie working hard!
Torrie was really thrilled! She hates painting as much as I do, BUT we loved the results.Yep that's me! I only paint as high as I can reach because I do not like heights! This is after, I love the soft yellow! Another shot, looks much nicer than it did! The room is really open now. And my kitchen, I have the a very small kitchen!

So, that's it for this weekend. I am off to do laundry and pack up the living room so we can start on the floors Friday afternoon. If you look up you can see the ucky old linoleum that is going away! I promise to show pictures of the floors as we do them.

Wish me luck.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New floors = Gonna be gone a while! :)

I should start this post with an acknowledgment, I admit... I am terrible about blogging during the summer, I am sorry. The good news, school here starts a week from today! Once my summer schedule slows down I will have more time to blog. Until then I am actually writing to let all of my wonderful followers know that for the next couple of weeks I will be totally out of action. You see, we are going to start on a major (for us) remodel of my house. We are not adding any extra space :( But we do have to repair our kitchen floor due to a leak in our fridge. So while we have the floor torn up and we have a little extra money from some vacation time Stuart had to cash in, we are investing in our floors and walls, new paint in the kitchen and dining room, and we are getting rid of all of the carpet in the main areas of the house!!!

I am so excited, you see our carpets are 15 years old and were put in by the builder so were cheap to start with, in 15 years my poor carpets have withstood... 3 dogs (one with bladder problems when he broke his back) 5-7 cats (we are down to 5 now) two of my own children and dozens of daycare children. So as you can see my poor carpets have gotten a lot of use! Now it is time for a change and instead of putting new carpet in I have finally convinced my darling hubby to let me install laminate wood flooring! I put it in my sewing room and LOVE it!

So what that means is my entire house will be in disarray while we do the floors I expect that it will take us a couple of weekends to do. But while we have the floors up my computer will be down.

I promise I will take a ton of before and after pictures to show when I get back!

Wish us luck.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Close ups of the Coffee quilts.

I offered, Jane ask, here they are!
These are the close ups of the three coffee quilts. All three are a very simple square in a square, although I think I do mine wrong since they kind of float... I like the look so since I have yet to meet a quilt police I guess will be OK!This one is cute, I liked the coffee cup sashing.I still really like this quilt, but then I am very fond of blue.
I did mention before that I would be putting one of these three in my Etsy shop. I will be giving one to a friend and keeping one. I am not sure which one will go in the shop, if you have any suggestions or would like to purchase one, let me know and I can make that the for sale one!
OK off to work, today is my FRIDAY! The last 4 day work week I get for oh probably forever! I have loved having 3 day weekends all summer, but it will be nice having a full income again too!
Have a great day,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quilty Pictures as Promised!

As Promised, pictures of all of the quilts I have been working on in the last couple of weeks. Some are finished being pieced, some are not, none are quilted yet. I have found that I really like getting 4 or 5 tops done then I spend a marathon week quilting on the frame since I have so little moving room that actually seems to work the best for me.
So, in no particular order...

This is Morgen's 14th birthday quilt! I still have one row of left facing shoes to do. A couple things about this quilt, I was given this pattern by an old friend from high school. Morgen is a shoe fanatic, she has more shoes than I do! She has helped me with this project including picking out the fabric for the funky shoes! Oh and this is the first time I have ever attempted applique!

this is a really close up of my August block lotto block, I go to quilt party at my local Craft Warehouse, this was a really fun block, although the picture is rather yellow the back ground fabric is actually white! I really hope I win the block this month, this would be a fun quilt to do.
For a while now I have been thinking about replacing my King size quilt on my bed, it is old and just a simple blue trip around the world, one of the first quilts I ever made and the reason I got my frame! This is the start to my new quilt for my bed.... What do you think? Each large block is 12.5" x 12.5" This is just a simple little panel I found at the store, it is Animal ABC's, I am going to boarder it, and quilt it and hang it in my preschool room in my daycare.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Yep it is time for the three coffee quilts! They are all very similar, except this one has coffee bean corner blocks, and says cappuccino, espresso and latte in the sashing and boarders.

Same as the one above except, coffee cups on the boarder and sashing and no corner blocks.

This one is my favorite, I has the same latte, espresso... words around the boarder and sashing, the biggest difference is color this one tends is really blue and no coffee bean fabric since it was to dark for this quilt. I should have posted close ups... If you want to see close ups ask and I will post them.

Carl's quilt, finished!!! I was pretty happy with how this quilt turned out once I got it quilted.

I am terrible about putting labels on my quilts, I have only ever labeled two other quilts, I found this wonderful book of iron on label designs that you then color with sharpie... well it had the perfect label for this quilt! We ironed it on a white cotton that had a white dot design... Well the design showed up when Torrie colored the eagle. I love it!
Scoochy just home from the groomers! We have just found a new groomer and she is wonderful! She does a fabulous job and he is so cute, but as always after a big day out poor little baby was so tired! So he snuggled up on one of his favorite quilts and fell asleep.

Well, that is all for today! Now it is time for bed, I have been getting up at 5 AM because one of my kiddo's has to be here by 6 am this week. Needless to say that is way to early for poor Ginny, I have found I need to be in bed before 10 pm or I get really crabby!
Thank you all for stopping by and for every ones words of welcome back on my last post!
I promise once school starts and the summer go go go schedule calms down I will get back to my regular blogging schedule!
Take care

Monday, August 3, 2009


All reports of my untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated! LOL OK so not really I promise I am still alive! Although with temps well over 100 again today I wish I could just melt away like an ice cream cone on the sidewalk.

I feel terrible, it has been weeks since my last post an not a single picture to share, oh not that I haven't gotten anything done as a matter of fact I have been getting so much accomplished that I have let my poor little blog flounder like a fish in the desert sun! (did I mention it is hot here)

I have gotten more peppers pickled, who know that 4 little plants would produce that many peppers, and still growing! I have picked more than 50 and have at least that many more getting ripe on the plants!

I have been quilting too, I always imaged quilting to be a winter sport, but when it is hot enough to dry a pair of men's jeans in the shade on a laundry line in less than an hour, well it is to darn hot to do ANYTHING outside!

I have quilted and bound the quilt I made for my neighbor Carl, just have some thread trimming to do, I finished three more coffee quilts similar to the one on the top of my blog, will put them on the frame soon to quilt (since my work schedule is picking up again, I only have one more Friday off this summer!!! YEA)
I will be putting one of the coffee wall hangings in my Etsy shop when it is done...
I have also been sewing my daughters birthday quilt, it is my first attempt at applique! The quilt is wild and wacky high heel shoes, pictures soon on it as it is turning out really cute, just one more row to go.

And lastly I have begun work on a red, black and white king size quilt for my bed, it is unlike ANYTHING I have done before! Stay tuned for pictures of that one also.

Well, that was my quick post for today, I promise to return again soon, with pictures! (because we all know that pictures make a blog so much for fun)

Till I return, stay cool!