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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finished and Moved In!

I have had several questions about how I wrap and store my fabric, I will be posting a quick photo tutorial on how to do it. So if you are interested in learning more, check out the sidebar for a link to "Fabric Wraps" If you do not see a link, that is because I don't have it up yet, check back later today! (4/24/2009) Thank you for stopping by!

Hi all, Well, this will be my last construction blog!!! As of 4:30 this afternoon I am moved in and unpacked! I still need to put my quilting machine on the frame, but need to install the optical sensors for the cruise control and that will take some doing so I may wait a week or so for that one. Other than that, I have spent the last 5 days hanging, sorting, organizing and putting away.
As usual a picture is worth a thousand words so here are the pictures!

This one is my machine, Torries Machine is to the right of mine, just not in the picture. And next to my sewing table is my laptop!This is my cutting table, with all of the scissors, rotary cutters, and rulers hanging on the wall. The cabinet gives me Massive storage space, you would not believe what all I have down there!The cabinets in this shot and the next are all of Torries flannel for her Silver Award. Another Shot of Torries flannel and my book case. I may make one change to the layout, this cabinet is not as tall and has a bit more open space than the shelves that I have all of my material on. We want to put a TV out there for my other daughter to watch while we sew, So I may switch the two and hang a TV from the wall for Morgen.This is my Quilting frame, I still have a bit to do before I can use it. I will have to pull it out from the wall into the center of the room when I quilt, but it slides pretty easily so it should not be too much of a problem.The futon and my white board, great for practicing free hand quilting! Thank you Dawn (aka the Pajama Quilter)This little cupboard holds my scraps and my stabilizer for my embroidery plus a bunch of other embroidery related materials.Fabric storage (my cottons) and my embroidery machine, thread and hoops.Front shot of my fabric storage, this is the one I may move to fit the TV.

Another shot of the fabric shelves. I was amazed at how much this holds, each shelf measures 11 1/2 inches square, I used a 5 inch ruler to wrap all of the fabric, measured, wrapped and labeled each one. So, that's it for now, I have to run, just got a call company dropping by!

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Moving in!

Hello All!

After many months, and no weekends off I am proud to announce that we are DONE! (OK almost done, we still have a very short list of things to do, mostly outside) But done enough to move in! We will have our final electrical inspection on Wednesday, then I can totally move in. As it is I have put together some of the furniture and such. So with out further ado, Pictures and descriptions of what you are seeing! This is what you see as soon as you walk in the door, my little Futon just to the left with both girls curled up, usually with a book, but today Torrie is snipping one of her quilts. Of course Morgen just has to make bunny ears!This picture was taken from the other end of the room looking back at the doors. I am amazed at how dark the pictures are, the walls are a creamy butter yellow, not as dark as they show here, keep looking I do have a picture that is more accurate in color.This area under the double lights is where my quilt frame will go, it is still in Stuarts shop, we will move it in after the electrical inspection later in the week. This shot shows the actual color of the walls, I had the lights off for this picture and the flash was on so it rendered it more accurate! The white cabinets are for fabric and this is not their final resting place! I will talk about the cabinets in the next picture!

OK so this is something I am super proud of, I made the cutting and ironing table above! The cutting surface is 2'x4' as you can see it is plenty big enough for my largest cutting mat. Next to it is my home made Ironing table, it measures 24"x 30" it took me about half an hour to make the ironing table and it works wonderfully, total cost, $290 that includes the base cabinets. The biggest bonus, TONS of storage below! Oh and we had the electrician wire the plug on its own circuit so no flickering lights when I iron!Last photo, OK so I admit, I love frilly and girly and Battenburg lace! so all of my windows have lace curtains! This photo shows where my sewing machines and embroidery machine will go after that dratted inspection! I want to move in so badly! The other thing you might have noticed is the abundance of lighting, I have 6 double wall lights and 4 over head lights, all but the 4 overhead lights can be shut off individually as needed. Very nice for sewing and such, no shadows anywhere in my room.

Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed the tour. I will post more pictures once I get moved in, so it will be a little while. But be sure to keep checking back as I will be posting pictures of Torrie's Silver Award Project, she is about a third of the way done with all of her donations quilts.

Please feel free to leave a comment, I love to know that people are actually reading my blog. As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, this is another quilting room update! I took some time off over the 4th of July, had a great time with the family and a fun neighborhood party with fireworks, food and good friends!

We also spend several days working our butts off on a final push to get my room done! So with out further ado PICTURES!!!
Primed and ready to paint! Painted, It is kind of a soft butter yellow with a golden/mustard ish trim
That is Stuart, caulking the base of the floor before putting the floor in!Another photo of the walls and a bit of the floor, it is a nice oak laminate, I did most of the installing, Stuart did the cutting and the girls helped hand stuff and hold the wood while Stuart cut. I have to say, my knees are still sore!

One more shot of the floor and walls, in this picture the walls are pretty dark, but really they are paler than this, I never imagined I would like yellow on the walls, but I love it!

So for now that is my room, we did put the trim on after these pictures, we have just a little bit to go. The electrician will be here Saturday to install the lights and plugs, and then the inspector will sign off on the building and I can move in. We still need to put in a couple of pieces of insulation up in the rafters, and of course we still need to paint out side, but that will be a while yet when it cools down, so probably Sept or so. And we need to put the skirting on too. That's about it.

As always, thanks for looking and feel free to leave a comments!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Torries Silver Project is Underway!


This post is for all of the wonderful folks that have donated fabric to Torrie's Silver Award.

She got back from California (had a wonderful wonderful time) she then slept for almost two days straight, loaded back up and went camping for the weekend. At last she was home and settled, she started matching and cutting fabric. Talking to local business and making contacts to her donation recipients. She finally started sewing and in the space of about 3 days finished three quilts!

See below for the photos!

I would like to say a special thank you to the ladies from my Yahoo groups. We were amazed at the generosity of these ladies, Joyce S. from Oklahoma, Bj B. from Arizona, Barbara M. from Tennessee and Donna S. from New Mexico!
I would also like to thank Debbie Trevino from our local quilt shop, Village Quiltworks, she donated material for two quilts.
This is from Donna, Torrie was totally in love with the jewel tones!

Oh my! This is some of the material from Village Quiltworks, I love the funky fabrics!

This one turned out lovely! We have found that it is super easy to do girly quilts, so Torrie is actually making an effort to make a bunch of "boy quilts, this one is all moose, bears and deer, with natural colors, the blue squares have small animal tracks on them! The fabric on this one came from Joyce and left overs from a quilt I had made for Torrie's ex boyfriend, they complimented wonderfully!

Thank you, and bless you all.

Torrie and Ginny

Holy Sheet Rock Am I Sore!

Well, again, its been a while since I have posted, mainly because we have been doing the big push to get my room done. I am starting to feel like a slave driver! When last I posted the electrician was doing his thing, well we passed our first inspection and I then spent two days installing insulation, hot itchy work that was, but got it done, then on to sheet rock, Stuart and I spent 2.5 days cutting and fitting and installing sheet rock. Then off to taping, mudding, sanding more mud and tonight more sanding! The good news, I have one more sanding to do, then we install the window and door trims, prime and paint. The electrician will come back in hang the fixtures and sockets, and we will install the floor. If all goes well and according to my time line we will be pretty much done by the end of the week end! So here are some more WIP pictures.

As always thanks for looking.

I have to say I really really never ever want to do insulation again!
Starting sheet rock. We did pretty well! Rough sheet rock, my phrase for the day, that's OK honey, I can fix that with tape and mud! And see I was right! it looks pretty good from here!

This is kind of a neat shot, we added two storage lofts, each one is 10' wide 8' deep and about 3' high at the peak, actually quite a bit of room, and there is a nice 4' space between the two, I will cover the opening with either quilts or curtains to hide the storage. I really am glad we added them!