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Monday, December 14, 2009

Putting the new quilt frame to good use!

Good Monday to all!
My friend Wendi yelled at me last night about my total lack of blogging! So I thought I would get with it today and play a little catch up.

First of all though.... a warning or two, this post contains a lot of pictures... second.... IF YOU ARE ONE OF MY DAYCARE PARENTS OR A FAMILY MEMBER STOP NOW READ NO FURTHER AS THIS POST CONTAINS PICTURES OF YOU CHRISTMAS PRESENT!

OK now that we have taken care of that.. on to the eye candy!

The first quilt I would like to share with you is actually not one of my own. This quilt was made by my friend Wendi for her Husband, a little back story, Wendi's Darling hubby is a car sales man, so naturally he love the movie Cars... thus inspired the theme for his quilt. Now Wendi is nothing if not a perfectionist! And this quilt is probably one of the most perfectly pieced quilts I have ever seen! What makes this quilt so special was that Wendi got it done just in time for her husbands quadruple bypass surgery!
Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars!

This is the center of the quilt, each square was fussy cut to show on of the characters from the movie!

And the back, perfectly pieced!

I have also been working on a quilt for my sister in law, the original coffee queen! I found this fabric back in October, and thought it would make a great quilt, I purchased what I thought was enough, well I got down to three blocks left and discovered I was about a yard short of the light brown fabric, I went back to the store but of course they were out and this is a discontinued fabric... so on to the Internet, found one place that had it, ordered a yard and viola, here it is, Ruth's coffee quilt! I really like it, I think it is fun.
Here are a couple of close up shots, you can see the different fabrics used. I wish I could get more of these fabric as I would love to make another like this. Oh well, I guess I should have bought more when I had the chance!

Another close up shot... I really did like making this one, it was simple but cute.

When I was the "I Believe" panels at my local Craft Warehouse I fell in love, these are the cutest, so I purchased enough to make a wall hanging for each of my daycare families, I made a total of 5. 4 to give to my families and one I donated to my daughters school for their winter fest. silent auction, the last bid I saw was for $35.00 not bad for a little $6 dollar panel!

Yet another coffee quilt. I actually made this one this last summer it has been in line for it's turn on the frame, I quilted it with coffee words all over, think it turned out great. This is a gift for my friends.... Won't say her name because she knows who she is and she reads my blog and yells at me when I don't post ;)

A close up of the coffee quilt.

Yes this is me, yes I am in my pajamas and yes it is hard to bind a quilt when you have not one but two helpers!

And this is the quilt I was binding, This is for one of my Daycare kiddo's Emma. Emma, is a fish girl, she loves marine animals "her words" and adores Nemo... so I made her a Nemo quilt, The black squares were machine embroidered with line are marine animals, we have Bruce the shark, Dude Crush, The Whale, Gill, Peach the Starfish, Dory and of course Nemo!
Here is a little close up of the line work, you can see there are even Jelly fish on the printed fabric!

My favorite, I quilted it all in waves! And it totally makes this quilt, I have to say this is probably my favorite quilt I have made this year, it was fun and turned out exactly as I had planned, now it was no piecing challenge but sometimes that is OK. And I know that the little girl who is getting this quilt will love it!

Well, that is all for now, I have more to show but must needs get to work.

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to say hi.