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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I thought this was cute!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Pictures Today, I'm Sick!

OK so I try not to whine, but, I'm sick.
Dear hubby has been home sick all week with a nasty nasty cold. And bless his heart, he shared!
I knew yesterday when I turned very grumpy that something was up, by the time I went to bed, my nose was runny and I ached. This morning when I got up I was pretty sure I wanted to die! Nose, head and body all ache!

The good news, I did spend most of the day out in my quilting room, I got a bunch more flannel cut and bagged, I am pretty sure I have close to 50 blankets of love cut and ready to be sewn, I lost count! I did some major clean up and folded a bunch of fabric, in general I got my room clean. Torrie sewed 3 quilts and I did one last night. I will be heading out later today to do a couple more this afternoon.

So even not feeling well, I was able to get some work done! Yeah!!!
Gonna sign off now, have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Is What 21 Blankets of Love Look Like!

As the title says, this is what 21 Blankets of Love look like! I wanted to share a quick peek before they went in the mail. I would still encourage everyone to please take a few minutes and check out Karen's blog and see what a wonderful thing she is doing by getting these quilts out to the folks who desperately need them! There a wonderful story of quilts they donated to a family from a local restaurant!

I also ask that if you have a few hours, and a couple of yards of flannel please make a rag quilt to send, if you don't want to do a flannel quilt and happen to have an extra quilt or two laying around not sure what to do with it. Send it to Karen she will find a good home for your unwanted quilts!!! There is still such a huge need!

So we have sent the first 21, I have 10 more cut and 10-12 more partially cut, I will finish cutting today and start sewing Friday, by Sunday evening I should have most of them sewn. So hoping to get another batch out in the mail with in about 2 weeks!

(note to Karen, I sent them UPS this morning, you will get them Monday the 27th, I will email you the tracking number)

Thank you for stopping by,


I have a house full! In my house resides... 1 husband Stuart, 2 daughters Torrie and Morgen, 1 Mom, ME! An entire daycare of children, 4 1/2 very spoiled cats Bambi, Mittens Groucho and Jack (don't ask about the 1/2 a cat) and I have a dog, not just a dog, but a Scoochy. You see Scoochy is my son, at least he thinks he is. He is the most spoiled creature in this house! He goes almost every where with us, and on those times we need to leave him at home, he sulks, then he gets into every thing! his latest trick, he has learned how to push out a chair and get up on the dining room table. The other day it was 4 Costco muffins. Today Scoochy and Groucho decided they needed to check out the new kitty toys I had gotten... I walked out of the room and when I came back in, this is what I saw.....and you know from the look on his face he knew he was BUSTED!!!! So after I got the dog off the table, and put the toy back in the red box, Groucho oh wait let me tell you about Groucho, he is MY cat or maybe that should be I am HIS people, he loves me, more that he loves anybody. I was there the moment he was born, I got to hold him just seconds into his life as momma kitty was having difficulties with the birth. Groucho follows me around like a puppy, he goes on walks with me, he use to shower with me, he still sits outside of the shower to make sure I have not drowned. And funniest of all, he sleeps with me, not just on the bed or on my pillow, but he crawls under the covers and curls up and rest his head on my tummy. Yep he is my baby! Both of my boys wrestle each other for my attentions. So after I got the dog off the table, and put the toy back in the box, Groucho decided he was not done playing and was not getting off the table thank you very much...I call this picture

OK so I have babbled enough about my animals, the other little bit I wanted to share, Fall is in the air, I love fall it is so beautiful and crisp! I love spring, it's my favorite and I like the heat of summer, but fall is my second favorite! (I could so do with out winter) Fall is my second favorite only because it leads into winter :( But I thought I would share the view out my front door, I open the door and step out and this is what I see.... Are they not the prettiest colors just now! I know in a couple of weeks they will be bare and icky but today they are just lovely!
Thank you for stopping by!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a crazy crazy week!

Wow, I was overwhelmed at the wonderful response we received about Torrie's interview. Thank you to every one who wrote to say how wonderful she is, yep she is pretty wonderful and I couldn't be more proud. I have tried very hard to instill a sense of generosity to others in my children and is seems to have worked!
So on to other things! This has been a very busy week. I didn't get to go out to my quilting room much this week as we were back and forth to the middle school for Morgen's play. Then on Wednesday night we got to be the first to see the middle school performance of Holes. They did very well! I was pleasantly surprised since they had auditions only 7 weeks ago!

The busiest couple of days were Saturday and today. Let me tell you about my Saturday!

We got up early as Stuart had a Dr. appointment, Torrie, Morgen and I were due at the funeral home by 10 am for our neighbors funeral, it was a lovely service and I am very glad we went, we did not know Mar well, but we are very fond of her husband Carl. It was important to us to be there to support him in his time of grief.
Then as soon as the service was over, off we rushed to a two hour girl scout meeting, got that done, had just enough time to order pizza, and get Morgen out the door for Saturdays play. While all of that was going on Torrie's friend Julia was dropped off to get ready for homecoming.. then we started on hair and makeup (I am not being allowed to show the "in progress" pictures) :( Got the girls all dolled up, dropped them off at the dance, picked up Morgen, watched a movie, and then picked Torrie up from the dance at 11 p.m.... Got to bed at about midnight after getting all of the dance details!

Up early this morning, coffee and a muffin, out the door and off to the Pumpkin patch, we have learned the only sane time to go is early Sunday or the crowd there is horrible, we had a wonderful time! Check out the pictures!

Julia and Torrie, all decked out and ready for the dance.

Torrie looking pretty! (thinking will you just hurry up and take the picture!)

Our day at the Pumpkin Patch! We go every year and it is always so much fun! Here is Morgen on the hay ride out to the patch! Stuart looks like he found his "perfect pumpkin"I love this picture of Morgen! She is still looking for her "perfect pumpkin" she found it, then lost it so had to find another! Would you look at the Color! Torrie with her "perfect pumpkin" all 36 lbs!!! that baby was heavy! Whew, Morgen found another "perfect pumpkin" yea!!!! She looks so happy!
Dads came in second biggest at 31 pounds, doesn't he look proud! BTW, the dirty pumpkin is Mine, it is the "perfect pumpkin"

Just like the big sister, make little sis do all the work!

Touch Down!

Well, that was our weekend! We had a little bit of every thing, a big of sorrow and bit of joy. We had family and friends and good neighbors. We spend time together, time apart, we discovered new things, and revisited old traditions. All in all, it was a good weekend, ones like this don't happen often and I cherish days like today. Thank you for stopping by and sharing our weekend with us. I hope I was able to put some of our love into your heart.


The Hildreth Family

Monday, October 13, 2008

Torries Interview! click the link!

Oh boy am I tired!!!

Today was Torrie's TV interview!!! She did so very very well, I can't even begin to share how proud of her I am!!! Please click the link,

the beautiful young lady in the video in Torrie!
(and yes they did turn the camera on me also, so if you are dying to see what I look like, watch to the end, that's me!)

Karen, if you are reading this, you get a quick preview of the quilts I will be sending out this week, they will be done in two mailings, I am still quilting but want to get these first 20 out a.s.a.p.!

Thank you for stopping by, time for a nap!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

20 Quilts for Galveston Done!

Hi all,
Just a quick post this evening as we have to be up super early in the morning for Torrie's TV interview!

I did want to post that after some mega sewing the last week I have 20 donation quilts done and ready to ship to Galveston, 5 cut ready to sew and another 5 that need cut, so as I am going to be very tired tomorrow, and we are going to Morgen's play on Wednesday, that leaves Tuesday and Thursday and Friday to get those ones done, washed and shipped the 20th! I may ship in two shipments just to get some out the door sooner rather than later.

I am also please to share I will be sending Karen 18 I spy bags to give to local kids also, just a simple toy but it hope it brings pleasure to the kids.

Well, I guess that's it for tonight, I will post tomorrow to share how Torrie's interview goes!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pin Wheels Top Done!

What a busy couple of days I have had!

I spent all day Saturday at a child care conference, it had to be the best one I have ever been to I had a great time and learned a lot! Including how to say B.S. in sign language LOL!!!

I got home from the conference and started sewing up the pin wheels quilt, Check It Out!

It is not a super big quilt, more of a lap blanket, it is 48x54 ish think I am going to make the back out of the same material as the border.

My husband ask me what I am going to do with this one, I think I may donate it to my daughters middle school winter festival, they have a silent auction to make money for the Tech department of the school. And since I won the blocks, I may as well pass on the good fortune!

I have also been working on the quilts for the Hurricane Ike victims, I am hoping to send off at least 20 (am going to try for more!) by the 20th.

I really feel this is important as there has not been a lot of interest in helping out the people of Galveston.

So, right now I have 7 sewn, and 6 fully cut and ready to sew, with about 20 half way cut to be finished cut tomorrow during nap time!

I am still asking any one who is interested to please help out and send a quilt or two to Karen Overton, you can contact either one of us to get her mailing address!

Thanks for stopping by, I am off to the quilting room to make two more tonight!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Blankets of Love Phase 2 Quilts for Galveston


Well, we are moving on with Blankets of Love. Torrie is ready to sew again and I am too.We watched hurricane Ike come ashore and cried to see the devastation afterward. But to my dismay I have not seen the help and kindness to the folks of Galveston like we saw for Katrina.

I kept waiting to see quilter band together to help out these people who lost so much... still nothing.
So I guess I will be an instigator, and with that enters Blankets of Love, my challenge...

If Torrie can make 51 quilts in 6 weeks to donate to children in need, how many can WE make in two weeks, two of us working together, and any other quilters that want to join in.
We are making simple rag quilts (here are two really good sites with step by step instructions for how to make a rag quilt, one quilt has big and small blocks, the other just small blocks, we love both) and
Once you get your quilt made, either contact me or Karen Overton through her blog ( ) or her email ( )
Karen has agreed to make sure that the quilts we send will make it into the hands of those in need.

Thank you so much Karen!!!

So Please Please Please take a few hours, and (roughly 3 1/2) yards of Flannel and sew up a quilt, drop it in the mail, make a difference in a child's life, make a Blanket of Love... Thank you.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Coolest News!!! (part two)

OK on to Part Two, if you have not read part one....STOP....Scroll down, read part one then come back to part two!!!


Good so the cool news, Lourdes sent out a press release, And two days ago I get a phone call from a local TV news station wanting to do an interview with Torrie about the quilts she made and donated, now this is not a super big thing, it is the morning news, but they want her to come to the studio, and bring a couple of quilts to show and talk about how and why she made and donated them! I am very proud of her, she is going to do it. We talked about how so many things in the news about Teen are bad, kids killing each other, doing drugs, going to jail, and locally the boy that killed his 13 year old sister and his Mom.
This is a wonderful opportunity to show that there are GOOD kids out there too!
So, if you live locally, Turn on to KVEW morning news on Oct. 13 between 5:45 and 6:30 AM
to see Torrie's interview!

Yup I am super proud of her!
Thank you for letting me share our cool new, have a wonderful day!

The Coolest News!!! (Part one)

OK so if you read my blog you will know that Torrie, Morgen and I are very actively involved in Girl Scouts and that Torrie spent a good bit of her summer making quilts to donate to children in need. Well, she donated the quilts and it was amazing the response. Our favorite place was the Migrant Farm Workers Council, this a state funded facility that provides child care for the children of the migrant farm workers, we arrived to drop off the quilts and Estella the director took us on a tour of the facility and gave us a great deal of information about their services. They provide care for any where from 85 -200 families a month depending on the crops that are in season. They actually chose to not "give" each child a quilt to keep but to use at the center and then when that child moves on they wash and reuse the quilts. To me that says a lot about the need of this group. The neatest part of the whole tour what when we went into the 4 and 5 year old class, she showed the children the quilts and this was the response.....

The Children were so excited it was pretty wonderful!

One of the other organizations that she donated to was a local hospital, Lourdes Medical Center. She was told up front that they could not give the quilts to children, but they could auction them off and Torrie could choose where the monies went. Torrie donated her 5 most beautiful quilts to be auctioned with the money going to the Peds unit. The people at Lourdes were so impressed with her quilts they actually sent out a press release. Of course our local paper never ran the story because as you know "bad new sell papers not good news". So we figured that was the end of that. Now... if you want to know the rest of the story (thanks Paul Harvey) you will have to check in for part two...

I will post that in a bit!