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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peacocks take 2

My last post was all about the peacock quilt I made for my husbands manager. Well, I liked the quilt so much that I felt the need to make another one! This one I made with the intent of keeping it, well you know what they say about good intentions! I finished the quilt and decided it needed a bit more sparkle. So I got out my crystal setting tool and went to town!

I had a great time both quilting this quilt and adding the crystals,
I think it fairly shines. Enough so that I will be entering it into a couple local shows!
  A couple of detailed shots of the flowers.
I didn't count how many but I know there are at least 500 crystals!
 Sadly, the one thing I did was inflame my shoulder, so no quilting until I can get in to see my doctor!

I even put crystals in the feathers!

I really had planned on keeping this quilt for myself, but after showing it to Bobbie and seeing her reaction. I will be giving this quilt away after the quilt shows.

It will go to a good home! Now I have to make myself ANOTHER ONE!!!