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Monday, February 28, 2011

Kimonos and Celtic knots... oh yea!

OK so that was mean! I but I was pretty tired last night. So tired in fact that my poor family had to fend for them selves for dinner!
I am very happy with how the Kimono quilt turned out though and it was well worth the two days it took to finish it.
I originally planned on doing an Asian panto on the quilt to get it done quick and easy. Well about 3 feet into the first row of the panto I decided I hated it! So I ripped it out and went with plan B... OK so I didn't really have a plan B.. I had to make one up on the spot!

This is what I ended up with....

I started by outlining each Kimono, then did a tiny stipple in that little 1/2" space by the colar. Then I worked my way down and around the kimono to fill in all of the black with a stipple. The sashing needed something so I went with a simple ribbon.. and viola there you have it. The fun part.. I quilted the entire thing in GOLD! So sadly you can see my wobble and bobbles. But let me say, doing a ribbon on 1" sashing is kind of a pain in the BUTT!

Working on the last two rows of the quilt, each block took about 7 minutes to do... there were 56 blocks... so roughly 6 1/2 hours just for the blocks.. not to awe fully bad!

The entire quilt done! Now I just need to trim and bind it!

And one more photo, you can see how the quilting comes together. In the end I think I made the right decision. I would not have been happy with the panto. I also love that I did not put any quilting in the Kimonos... as you can see blow, it makes the back a lot of fun too!
OK, so not the best picture of the back, but you get the idea!

Sadly, now I have an entire weekends worth of chores and emails to catch up on. Plus I need to start work on Stuarts newest quilt... can you say emerald green and Celtic knots... here is a sneak peek...
Now imagine that... 4 feet across... oh yea this is going to be a fun one!

Happy quilting to all!


Barb said...

This quilt is just all the fabrics...great way to showcase them.

Jen said...

This turned out beautiful! You were right on with the quilting, I like how you left the kimonos alone. Makes them pop out. I like the ribbon too. Fabulous finish!

Ginny said...

Thanks for the compliments! I would love to say I sweated and agonized over this quilt and it took me months to finish, but in truth... I started work on this quilt on about Feb. 17th... so about 9 days from start to finish. I do love all the different fabrics,and loved the gold quilting.

barcord said...

love your kimono quilt. The celtic knot looks like a challenge. Enjoy it.