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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am sore, I am tired, but I am BACK!


HI!!! Like the title says, I am very very sore, very tired but I am back.
We have worked hard for the last week, packing, moving, ripping, prying, cutting, whacking, you name it we have done it this last week!
The Before:

Computer desk- This is where Stuarts new TV is going... my desk has been moved.
As you can see my living room was kind of divided up and did not have a lot of open space, well, that has been solved, the couch that Morgen is reclining on has been moved to the other end of the living room.The dining room, I will be putting our China hutch back, but the other furniture (storage cupboards) will NOT be coming back!The During:
Torrie and Morgen pulling hundreds of staples, the carpet came up rather quickly on Friday, we had it out in less than two hours, and let me tell you, 15 years, 10 years of daycare, 5 cats 3 dogs and two kids will do a number on a carpet! YUCK! One of the things that surprised us the most, the linoleum that was in the kitchen, bath and laundry room, was also under the carpet in the hall way, living room and dining room! So we had to take that out too!Starting work, we did not actually get to start installing the flooring until 1 pm Sunday, all day Saturday was spent fixing the kitchen floor (that is what started this whole project) Then we had problems with saw blades... so late start!Of course every job needs a supervisor... He was a good one too, always had his nose in what we were doing to make sure we were doing it right.This is the end of the day Sunday, the dining room and half of the living room done, we stopped work at about 8 pm. Tired, and sore, I am a big girl and hours spent on hands and knees equals pain!This was the living room we really did make good progress.Dinner time Sunday! The young ladies in the photo are B and B! They came all weekend to help out and let me tell you they were a HUGE help. Little B carried tools and such back and forth so Torrie and I could stay down and lay boards, Big B carried boards, she took ones that needed cut out to be cut, then back in again.. The best part... their Mom, my friend Annie made us a wonderful lasagna dinner!!! I love these guys!So this is the mess that started it all, you see about a months and a half ago my water supply line to my fridge sprung a leak... warped the joist and the sub floor so I had a mountain in the middle of my VERY SMALL kitchen, there was no missing it when you were in there and you would have to step over the bulge! So out went the floor, up came the sub floor, we strengthened the joist after taking out the bulge.We had to go to the store for parts while there was a hole in the floor, well with 5 cats we decided it would be a good idea to cover the big hole... and of course being a quilter... yea that worked!And the final fix! It is so nice having a flat floor again.The FINISH: My kitchen!!! I did not get a picture, but to the right of my fridge is a spot for a pantry.. we will be putting it in this weekend. More storage in my tiny kitchen YEA, and yes I mean tiny, this is taken from outside the kitchen, so you get the entire thing in one shot! (don't the floors look nice!)The dining room! I LOVE IT!The living room, we will be putting in an area rug under the love seat and under the coffee table as they tend to slide! Oh and on the list an new coffee table, I have been doing a yearly glue and hammer repair job on this one for years! Poor ole thing.Last but not least, my computer desk Look at all of that open space! Did I mention I love my new floors!!!

So that is it, we finished installing the floors Monday evening, and I was open for business Tuesday morning. We do still need to install the transitions strips between all of the rooms, but that will not take long. We go this evening to find a new coffee table and entertainment center to go with the TV... Then we are done... Well, except we both would like to replace the old light blue couch...but that can wait a while... maybe Christmas!
So it is time for me to start unpacking, that will take some time as I am purging a ton of junk when I put it all back together. But I promise to get some quilting done... especially since I finally got a stitch regulator for my machine!
Well, back to work. Happy quilting to all.