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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Quilted Prom Dress!

Today I thought I would share with you something a little bit different. My oldest daughter had prom this Saturday and the darling girl actually agreed to allow myself and my dear friend Annie to make her dress, but not just any prom dress mind you... but a QUILTED prom dress!!!

Now she did have one stipulation, if she didn't like the dress she would be allowed to purchase a dress to wear to prom, I agreed because after all, it is her senior prom, her last one. The one that MATTERS!

Now my first disclaimer is this I CAN NOT and DO NOT sew clothing, Oh hell no! But I am lucky enough that my friend Annie just happens to be an excellent seamstress! So she handled the construction phase, while I did the actual quilting and crystallizing of the dress. And like a dummy I didn't get a single shot of the dress on the frame!

Instead I have these photos to share, No mind you prom is not for a couple of days, these are of Torrie this evening after a day in outside in the rain taking photos for her school....

 This is a close up of the bodice area before the crystals were put on. You can see the quilting fairly well in this shot, but it really doesn't do much for the dress....

 This is my lovely daughter, like I said she spent all day in the rain taking photos for yearbook! I will post better pictures after Prom!

 This is the quilting down the thigh, it tapers off at the knee, it is the same floral design as the bodice.

 This is the bodice, filled out and with crystals, I had to be very careful of the floral placement when stitching this... did not want any awkward flower centers....

And the back, the band is quilted as well as the straps.

Oh and the good news, she loves it!
Thanks for stopping by today...
Happy Quilting,