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Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow, I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post! What a busy month it has been, spring break with all of the kids was a feel killer, then right after spring break we did our first of two girl scout sewing days, check out these girls, I am so proud of them!!!

This is just a small sampling, over the course of two days-11 hours total cutting and sewing, these girls completed 14 quilts! Pretty amazing since some of these girls are very new sewers.

So between sewing, kids and starting construction on my new sewing room (got the foundation almost done this weekend) and work, life has been pretty insane.

I will post again soon with more pictures of the girls scouts and their quilts as I am hoping to get some finished shots tonight at our meeting!

blog again soon,


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am so excited!

Well, after a whirl wind day yesterday I am now the proud new owner of a Grace GMQ, and a Babylock Quilters Choice Pro. What a wonderful day! Here is a photo of the Babylock

I do not have a picture of the Grace Frame yet as it is in pieces in my husbands shop, I willl get it together this weekend and post a few pictures then!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2008 quilt show

April Fools

Wow, It's hard to believe that today is April 1st, it is bleeping cold out!!!
It has been a few weeks since I have been on, I am finally kicking this rotten cold! On my 4th week, enough all ready I just want to breath!
So I had my birthday, what a great day, for 40 it was a day that I will remember for a long time. I took the day off I figured that if I am ever going to close the daycare for a birthday this is the one, I probably won't do it again till I am 50! So I took the day off, visited with my kid sister for a bit, ran off, had lunch with my bestest friend Wanda, and my other bestest friend Stuart (hubby). Then came home and lounged around till the girls got out of school. Now comes the fun part.
Picked the girls up and headed to the annual quilt show, What a blast, I will soon be posting a slide show of all the pretty quilts, so keep an eye out. Morgen and I had so much fun, she and I shopped and shopped and shopped some more, ended up with dozens of Batik fat quarters for a quilt I have been dreaming of. I also got to play with a Baileys home quilter (mid arm machine) nice, and the SuzyQ quilting frame. Art and Sue are two of the nicest folks I have ever met. I will be doing business with them in the future, I am very taken with their frame. I did play with the HQ sixteen long arm machine also..oh my love... but alas 7,000 (yes that is thousand) is a bit out out of my price range!
The other big news of the day, I purchased my sewing room, Yup the whole room! So we will start construction on the foundation this up coming weekend, the "room" arrives the end of April and we are hoping to have the framing, walls roof and electric done by the end of June. We will see... So I will have a place for my latest find... the pinnacle of my birthday actually happened today, I was given a great deal on a Grace GMQ
And then Stuart found an almost new (11 months old) Babylock Quilters Choice Pro with a stitch regulator for less than a thousand,

It is not as big of a set up as I had hoped for, but given the construction costs we are facing and the fact that I was going to have to wait at least a year or more before getting a frame and machine at all I am delighted. Plus when the time comes to upgrade to that HQ I should be able to sell the smaller set up for not too much of a loss. So all in all I feel it is a good investment, Plus if the girls continue to show and interest in quilting maybe a second frame is a good thing.

So that sums up my very exciting birthday Wow it really was a big week!

Hope every one has a prank free April fools.