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Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Vacation!!!

Well, we are on day two of summer vacation! The kids are thrilled to be out of school and boy am I tired already! OK so not really, but I am glad it is Friday. A couple of things happened this week. I sent Torrie off to California last night, she is going with a friend and her family. This was a huge step for us, she has never been this far from home before and we are a bit nervous but she will have a wonderful time and has promised to call every night. Morgen is already missing big sis. So I decided to take her to the movies last night, we saw Iron Man, Oh that is a fun movie, Morgen LOVES comic book movies and this was one of the good ones. I am so glad I took her, made her feel a little better and before we know it Torrie will be home and the daily fights will be on.
So what else, Oh, we finally got the electrical done in my quilting studio!!! So we start insulation and sheet rocking this weekend! I am so excited we are almost, almost done, insulation, sheet rock, paint, light fixtures in, ac unit in, vent fans installed, floors, weather strip the door, then MOVE IN! really the insulation, sheet rock, AC and floors are the only big stuff left! So close and I am taking a 4 day weekend on the 4th of July so we can hopefully get lots done that weekend!

As you can tell I am very excited about my room.
Well, that's all for now. Wish me sanity for the summer I might just need it!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Blankets of Love

So as many of you know, my family's love of quilting does not stop with me. I have two wonderful daughters that also sew and quilt. Morgen is just getting started and in July we are going to learn how to do paper piecing! In this blog I am going to be talking about my other daughter Torrie. Torrie is 14 years old and I swear she actually quilts more than I do! This year Torrie is finishing her Girl Scout Silver Award. I have included her write up that she is handing out to local businesses in her quest for donations of flannel. Please feel free to read it and if you want copy and print it out to share. She has set herself a pretty large goal of 30 baby quilts over the course of the summer. If you have any questions about what she is doing or fabric donations please feel free to email us @ or the email in her write up.
Thank you for your interest and support.

Blankets of Love
Hi, my name is Torrie. I am a Girl Scout in troop 1230. I am in the process of earning my Silver Award this is the second highest award one can earn in Girl Scouts. For my Silver Award I am making 30 child and baby sized quilts to donate to the local pregnancy center, domestic violence shelter and hospitals. These quilts will all be going to children in need. I am seeking donations of flannel material, each quilt takes approximately 3 ½ yards of material. Any size of material can easily be worked with. If you have flannel you would like to donate, please contact Torrie at I cannot accept monetary donations for fabric*. Thank you for your generosity.
Torrie H.

*I am allowed to accept gift cards for the purchase of fabric. Our local fabric stores are Joanns, Walmart, Craft Warehouse, Quiltmania and Village Quiltworks.

I can provide web sites and phone numbers for the last three quilt shops if you need them.
Thank you.

News, News and More News

Wow, OK so I am not so good at this blog thing, I only seem to get to write about once a month, I guess that means I am either really really busy and never get the chance to write or my life is so totally boring that I have nothing to write about! I will let you decide!

OK so I wrote before about construction on my quilting studio, wow you would not believe how much progress we have made in the last month, we have gotten all of the walls up, roof and shingles on, windows and doors installed and the electrician had been wiring for the last week! So this is what we look like now!

I am so excited about how things are coming along!

I also wanted to share the conclusion of our Girl Scout troop quilting for Project Linus I am proud to share that the girls finished 20 rag quilts and we handed them off to Loretta on May 12th. Here is a picture of the girls.

From left to right top to bottom: Mallory, Jessica, McKenzie, Cathrine, Loretta.

Torrie, Morgen and Megan.
With all of their lovely quilts. Congratulations girls you should be proud.

OK so the last thing I want to mention today, I would like to say a special thank you to our troop leader Michelle, with our her exuberant personality and giving heart we would not have stayed together for 8 years as a troop, yes these girls have really grown up together!

So this year with quilting being the theme, I made a lone star quilt for the true northern star of our troop, our guiding compass... Michelle we love you.

Well,that all for the moment, I will check back in later to write a bit about Torrie's Silver Award, stay tuned, and as always, thanks for stopping by.