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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bargello in the Round! Finished!

It has been a few days since I last posted! So let me fill you in on my last week.

I will start with my class I did on Saturday... It was a blast. Leanne my student was a fast learner and was really into it, I feel confident that she came away from the class with a brain stuffed full of a new skill, she even rented the machine a second day so she could come back in a practice!

One of the things I did for the class was made up some practice sheets for the students to take home, and I am sending each student home with a dry erase board that way they have something to practice on. I find the dry erase boards an excellent way to teach.

I also got Alindsey's quilt bound and the boarders on Karen's quilt.

My favorite thing I did this week was quilt Torrie's Bargello in the round... This quilt was made by my 16 year old as a graduation present for a friend, she got stalled for a while due to work and school so it lounged around not quite finished. Well she found out last week that her friend will be home for Thanksgiving, so she finished the quilt and ask me to put it on the frame... I spent about 4 hours quilting it, it is a sun rays pattern, and it turned out very very well! I should have gotten a picture of the back too!
So here it is quilted but not bound (mainly because it is hard to hang once it is cut off the backing)

I spent the evening binding it. Now it is finished and ready for her friend.

I have to say this is a beautiful quilt and I am super proud of Torrie for even attempting it!

Well time to run Rach to school.
Thanks for stopping by,
Happy quilting


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Oh My Goodness!! That is an amazing quilt. Torrie did a wonderful job on it. I love quilts that aren't the usual shape.

Micki said...

That is just stunning!

Lynda said...

Simply amazing quilt! Nice to see young women with such interest and talent!

2MuchFun said...

OMG, that is amazing!