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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pirates off the port side Captain!

Part two of my weekend.....
As promised this post is all about the rest of my weekend.

Several months ago there was a write up in our local paper about two Tall Ships coming to town, The ships were The Lady Washington (AKA the Interceptor from Pirated of the Caribbean) and her sister ship The Hawaiian Chieftain. Both ships are replicas of ocean going merchant ships built around 1790.

Well, I got tickets for Torrie and Morgen to go on a 3 hour battle sail while they were in port. I really really wanted to go also, but Stuart was being budget minded and said no.
OK, so fast forward to Sunday. We arrived at the dock and this is what greeted us. How cool is that!!!

Torrie and Morgen boarded The Lady Washington, and set sail. We stayed and watched as they left. About that time the gal that was doing the ticket check for the Hawaiian Chieftain announced that they has 6 extra tickets so if you wanted to sail but did not have a ticket please speak up. I shouted!!! Then I turned and told Stuart that we were going!!!!

So away we went! I have not had that much fun in years! The best part, Stuart and I were on one ship, and the girls were on the other, I could see them but did not have to referee any arguments, or tell Morgen to stop touching stuff for 3 HOURS!

This is the Lady Washington, she is so pretty!

Then, she fired at us!!! Well is was a battle cruise so yea I guess that was to be expected!

Then we fired back at her, she ran away! We circled each other for about an hour and a half, trading shot. When both ships ran out of shot, we pulled along side each other and serious hostilities broke out... WATER BALLOONS!!!This was at the end of the day they were putting the sails away before we headed back to dock. I am terrified of heights, no way could I do this job!

Of course they were wearing fall protection.

Stuart and I on the Hawaiian Chieftain. Look at that smile on his face. I had to drag him on the ship but once he was on he had as much if not more fun then the girls and I all together! Me! Morgen! Torrie! My ship, the Hawaiian Chieftain!Oh and by the way......

We won!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend also.


Oh I forgot to mention, if you are interested in learning more about these wonderful ships, or want to sail on board, check out their website at

These ships are used most of the year as teaching vessels for young children.

What a great weekend!

Good morning!
OK so my weekend was so busy that it is going to take me two posts to cover it all!

I had three days of go, go, go... I got a little bit of quilting done, got some gardening done, got the garage and my storage shed cleaned out getting ready for a yard sale...

Here are a couple quick pictures of the garden and two of the baby quilts I did. I have to stitch the binding down, but that is all.
This is my view out my front door!

The entire front of our house is roses, we put in a rail fence and covered it in climbing roses, it make a wonderful screen, this is by the driveway.

The garden, you can see in the back ground, the fence and roses. in the garden I have tomatoes, zucchini, corn, carrots, onions, garlic, peppers, cucumbers, and various herbs. In the hanging baskets I have two kinds of lettuce and spinach.

And, this is one of the two baby quilts I did this last week, the black and white is Minkee (oh so soft) and the blue has penguins!

This one is the same, except the colors! I also used Minkee on the backs!
OK so that was a quick flash of part of my weekend. I have to go out for a bit to drop some paint off at another daycare. I will post the rest of the weekend when I return!
Be back in a flash!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

10,000 Give Away Winners!

A day late and a dollar short, that seems to be the story of my life this week!!!

Oh well, I guess better late than never!

So without any further ado, the winners of my 10,000 post give away are....

Ann from is the winner of the Sampler Template

Robin from is the winner of the Circle Template


Teresa from is the Gift Card winner....

Ladies, please look for the email I sent you, I will need you to reply to it with your mailing address so I can send you your prize!

To Ann and Robin, if you find you need a stylus for your frame to use the template, please let me know and I will put you in touch with Sue from Doodling Designs.

OK so I am off and running again, have no time to breath this week. I am hoping that I will get to post again soon (I have been really bad about blogging this month) I have a new quilt and bag to share!

Thank you all for entering the giveaway and for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Swing Dance Girls

One of the things I love about our local middle school is the fact that every year each P.E. class had two weeks of dance, they learn all types of dance, with a strong focus on swing! This means if your child goes to this school all three years they end up with 6 weeks of dance instruction.
I love this and surprisingly do do the kids. Well, one of the things to come of all of the swing dance instruction, our M.S. band teacher thought it would be a great fundraiser to hold a swing dance, open to the entire community not just the kids. Well this has become such a success that this year they had to move to a larger venue, and have other school bands asking to come play, and they have added singers!
Torrie has attended all of the dances since they started, this is her fourth year and every year she ends up with more and more of her friends that want to go too. This year there were 5 plus Torrie. They all came over after school each with a couple of dresses to try, they mixed and matched and finally came up with winners, then did each others hair, ate some pizza, spilled some soda, laughed and giggled and had me do their makeup!

What a blast! I love the fact that every year the girls get ready at my house! I then drove 6 giggly 15 year olds to the dance, dropped them off with promises to be back at 10 to pick them up. I can't wait to hear all of the fun stories.

I love the dresses they come up with for this dance. Torrie always picks something with a full skirt so that it will flair out when she twirls.

This year she decided to make her dress... Oh my gosh it was perfect...Check it out! That is Torrie on the far left in the blue dress. I will try to get a better picture of her in it tomorrow. The girls were teasing her about being a barbie! She is the only one with blond hair... well blond ish

Here is another shot of some of the girls, trying to get them all together was like herding cats! And no this is NOT my car, it belongs to one of the girls dads, I drive a mommy mobile, a big white mini van, now else could I drive 6 girls at once! OK so I am off to go pick up the girls! Have a wonderful weekend. And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of you Moms!


Monday, May 4, 2009

My Weekend Projects!

So, I mentioned earlier that I did get a little bit of sewing done this weekend, I thought I would share pictures of the two back packs I made.
A little bit about why I was crazy enough to tackle these... I have an in home daycare, one of the family's is going in an extended trip this summer and the Mom ask me if I could make the girls back packs to use on the plane and such. So she got me the pattern and the fabric and away I went.

Well let me tell you, these were a pain in the rear to make, the first one I did took me two weeks!!! And several frogging sessions!!! I was so disgusted that I seriously thought about NOT doing the second bag.

Well, I finally finished the little one, and forced myself to start on the larger pack. To my surprise, I got most of it done yesterday. I was not happy with the binding on the pocket so I took it off this morning and redid it. I managed to finish it up this afternoon. All in all I am pretty happy. Oh there are one or two minor things like the pocket not being totally straight ( I frogged and sewed that darn thing 4 times!) So here they are!
The little blue one is for a 4 year old, it is the perfect size for her, there is one outer pocket, one big inner pocket and a small pocket on the inside gusset. This pack does not have adjustable straps.

The front!

The Back!

The Inside!
This bag is for the older girl, she is a bit of a Hannah Montana freak LOL! I still need to put a button on the front pocket, but Mom is going to bring be one as she found one that is perfect for this bag. And if you look closely you can see that cursed lopsided pocket! This bag is much larger that the other, it has one outside pocket, one small gusset pocket and two inner pockets.

The back of the pack has wide padded adjustable straps. And this is the pattern book. The pattern was made by Cindy Taylor Oates. Like I said, after I made one, things went much better. Mainly because I was able to simplify some of the steps, I always like that in a pattern. Any how, thank you for looking. Let me know if you get brave and try one of these, I would love to see the finished results!

Have a wonderful day


Give away postponed

Good morning,
Well in my last post I said I would be announcing my latest give away, unfortunately I have not gotten the goodies yet! So I am hoping they will get here soon so I can announce my 10,000 visitors give away.
Till then, not a lot to report on the quilting front, I spent the weekend running kids from one place to another. I did get to sew on Sunday, I finished one small backpack and most of another larger one, these are for two of the girls in my daycare to take with them on the plane during summer vacation. I am actually off to finish up the second one in just a few minutes. I will post pictures as soon as both are complete!

Have a wonderful afternoon,