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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A virtual quilt show!

Good Saturday Morning!!!
First a real quick note the NO MORE MEDICAL TALK I promise!!! Did surgery yesterday and all went well! They removed what needed removing and left what was suppose to say! LOL The Dr says I will have some cramping and pain. So far so good...nothing... knock on wood.
So with surgery out of the way and 11+ hours of sleep under my belt I feel like a new woman!
*** I am still working on figuring out Bloggers new photo system, am having a really hard time with it. I apologise how awful the layout looks***
And with that I will now get back to quilting. I promised the other day to share photos from last weeks quilt show. So with out further ado... let the show begin (note, only a few of these are MY quilts, and sadly I could not take pictures of all, so this is just a small sampling of our local talent, and boy do we have some local talent!) I will write a little bit about some of the quilts, but I sadly did not get photos of each info sheet. Need to do that next year!

A close up! There was a LOT of work put into this quilt

           Just thought this one was lovely!    
Not sure who made this one, but I love it!                                                        

                                                           Torrie's flip flops, lots of people liked it.

 Ok, this set is cool, the blue pastel one won first place. These are miniatures! As can be seen by the 3rd picture in this group. These two can be seen on the top row right side. They were tiny!

This one was made by Kendra, my friend Wendi's Daughter, she was 11 when she did it. She even quilted it on my longarm!

This quilt was pretty cool. I was not a big fan of the over all design, but the next picture shows what I loved!
The quilter added silk leaves! It made for a lovely effect!

These three quilts were made by Tera Watkins, she is one of the ladies that come to quilt party, the pictures just don't do her quilts justice! Click on them to make them larger!  

Loved the wonky stars on this quilt, just adds a bit of interest!
 These two are embroidery quilts! The one on the left is a Latte quilt in pink! The other was made by one of the nicest people I have ever met! Ellen is in her 70's (we won't say how are!) And learned to machine embroider a few years ago, each year she enters one of her master pieces. This year was no exception. I do think our local quilt show should add to new categories.. One for Applique (we had a lot of applique quilts not win that should have if they had their won category. And Embroidery, again for the same reason!

 This was another amazing Machine embroidery quilt, the quilt was stunning and the story was sweet. It deserved a ribbon, but lost since it was just clumped in with all the other large quilts. Hmm maybe I should say something to the guild? Of course that would mean attending meetings!
On the right you can see some of the embroidery details. BTW, this was done as a round robin for a sick friend if I remember the write up correctly.


Also Wendi's! Lots of people liked it,
 I even tried to sell it for her!


  This was another fun quilt is was a year of Santa!                                       I included the entire quilt plus a couple of the blocks for detail. so cute!

Wendi's Mario quilt! I love this picture because you can really see how BIG Mario and Luigi really are. I was kind of disappointed at where it was hung, in probably the darkest area of the show, it was really hard to make out her quilting details. The good part, lots of kids LOVED this quilt!

This was an amazing quilt, done by a group in Walla Wall, it depicts the Walla Walla Valley, the quilting was just stunning! I took probably a dozen pictures just of the quilting, there was everything from grapes, onions, wheat and asparagus. furrows from the tractor, and clouds for the hot air balloon. Hill, mountains and valleys, there was even a baseball diamond! Lovely job on this quilt!

 Well, that looks like the last picture. Thank you for stopping in and visiting this virtual quilt show. If you happen to be in Washington state around this time next year please stop by and see the real thing! It only cost $5 to get in and it is will worth the trip!
Happy quilting,