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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A simple Customer Quilt.

Good Morning! I am happy to say that I think I have gotten my Tension Woes fixed. Wow what an pain in the Butt!!! After weeks of fighting with the tension, replacing parts, and then tweaking and tweaking I think we may finally have gotten things working. Enough so that I was able to work on this quilt yesterday for about 2 hours with out problems (well there were some frayed threads, but I can live with that!)
This is a very sweet quilt a customer brought to me last weekend, it is for her Mom who is undergoing chemo.
She ask me if I could add some borders and then when it is all quilted I will bring the backing to the front to form one more border, the backing is this soft fuzzy rosette material. (not minkee but similar)
This is a close up of the panto she picked, it is called Hearts a Flutter. And the thread is a bright pink! I think when it is done this will be one very cute quilt! I will be sure to post finished pictures.

Well, this was really just a short and boring blog today, possibly because I have a whopping headache this morning. I will try to post again later this week!
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tension Woes...

Well, I just re read my last post.. first off, I need to work on my proof reading before I hit publish!!! YIKES!

I was also ready how optimistic I was when I made the statement " now with my tension issues behind me..." Sadly not the case! After I got done with the quilt in the pictures on my last post I put on a practice piece as I was still getting some loops and tension was still a little off... after three 4 hour sessions fighting with tension and timing, Stuart finally threw up his hands and told me to call Darrin.

Darrin is our sewing machine repair guys at the shop, I called and he spent almost all of mothers day working on my machine. He did get it about half fixed. The loops I was getting were due to the gap between the hook and the eye of needle, he loosened the bobbin assembly and moved it back just a fraction and that fixed that problem! Then he went to work on the tension.

Now let me start by saying that no matter what I did I could not get the tension to balance and stay that way, oh I could get it to balance for a little while then BAM loops on the bottom and flat lined bobbin thread! I ended up with the tension dial cranked almost all the way down as tight as it would go and still the same thing.

So Darrin starts working on it, and gets the same results he disassembled and reassembled and  changed springs, moved the check spring, and many more things... alas, tension is still way off. So here I sit almost a month after getting my machine back from it's "upgrade" and Darrin had my face plate at the shop either rebuilding the tension assembly or ordering me a new one. Needless to say I am less than happy.

The saddest thing about this whole adventure, with my old tension assembly I NEVER had these problems, I am still not sure why they replaced my face plate and tensioner... I did call to ask if they by chance still had my old one.. the short answer was no, and according to Her... the problem is not with the machine but with the thread... well then ALL of my thread must have magically turned to crap while my machine was gone.....

This is the first time I have been less than thrilled with the customer service from the Homesteader people... and right now I am very very sour.
Sorry about all of the negativity. Hopefully my next post will be happy and quilty.

Thanks for letting me vent!

OH and if ANY of you have suggestions on how to fix this damn thing, PLEASE feel free to share! :-)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Candy Mountain Quilts Open For Business... And a Prom!

So it has been a few weeks since my last post, and since I don't want to fall off the posting wagon like I did last year I figured I had better take a few minutes and throw something out here LOL!

Really I have good reason to have not posted much, I have been up to my ears in quilts and prom!
After I got my Homesteader set up on the new frame, and everything fine tuned...well almost fine tuned, I worked on a quilt for Wendi's daughter Jessica, some back story... Jessica is 17 and has had a bit of a heart problem since she was born, I won't go into a ton of detail because frankly it isn't my place to share her trials with the world... let me just say that Jessica is one of my favorite teenagers and I have a huge amount of respect for her, she has already had surgery once (maybe twice) on her heart, and has just found out that she will be having surgery again this summer, they have to replace one of the BIG arteries... (Wendi, feel free it fill in the details if you would like)  Any how, as a surprise during one of the medical tests...Wendi made Jessica a really cool Shrek quilt... it is adorable...well to get it done before they left for the appointment I threw it on the frame and did a bit of quilting...
 Not sure if you can tell, but the block in between the corners are made with onion fabric!

 Jessica also has a thing for zebra's, hence the zebra backing, I kept trying to convince Wendi that there are zebra's in the Shrek movies... I don't think she believed me!

 And then we quilted it in lizards! 

I did fight with my machine during this entire little quilt, I could not for the life of me get the tension to balance. Well, once I got it done (it turned out OK, not as well as I would have liked, but OK) I did put on a test piece and played. What I found.. I absolutely can not use bobbin washer in my machine anymore.. not sure why or what the change is but the tension jumps around so badly that I have had to remove them completely. So with my tension issues behind me and the timing where it needs to be, I was ready to tackle my first customer quilt on the new set up, so here it is...
Candy Mountain Quilts Customer Quilt #1! 
I am now officially (state licensed even) open for Business!!!

 This quilt was brought to me by a nice lady, this is a wedding present so shhh! The couple are both avid out doorsy types so this will be perfect for them. She wanted just a simple large meander...

 And she picked a nice rust colored thread, it blended so well in some places I had a hard time seeing where I had quilted!
The quilting shows up very well on the muslin backing, I have to say this is the first time I have ever quilted on a muslin back it actually turned out very nice. She comes to pick it up tomorrow night, I hope she will like it!

And just to show that my life is not entirely centered around quilting all of the time...let me share my other distraction this last week... Torrie has a boyfriend, and he ask her to prom... I have proof! LOL
Please let me indulge my proud Mommyness for just a few moments...

 Lets just say it takes a LOT of equipment to get 4 teenage girls ready for Prom.. Oh and a lot of time too, they all started showing up at my house at 10 a.m... The Boy didn't show up till 5 p.m.!
 Torrie was in charge of makeup, Hannah was in charge of hair.. the other two.. well I'm not entirely sure....
 We did discover two things.. you can fit 4 teenagers into my small hallway.. and it takes 3 girls to get Hannah into her dress... I just don't want to know why!
Julia, Hannah, Garrett aka "The Boy" aka Gavin...Torrie and Rina.
 So, once all the Magic was done, and "The Boy" arrived we took pictures, now for some reason, Torrie was the only one with a date... strange very strange since most boys are afraid of my daughter....
 The good news.. "The Boy" (who's name is really Garrett)  Was very nice and posed with all of the girls... they were having fun!
                                   "The Boy" and Torrie,
I am pretty sure "The Boy" is pretty Ga Ga over her... Smart Boy... :)

 Her dress is so pretty.. I am still amazed that we got it for $20! Of course the dress Julia and Rina are wearing are Torrie's also.. they were $20 each too! That was a great sale.
OK, so this is my absolute favorite picture (Torrie's too) She was sick and tired of getting her picture taken and had started to whine.. I grabbed then and ask for one more shot, she relented and let me.. it was the best one of the day! They had a great time at the dance, and are pretty sweet one each other. This is her first real boyfriend, I think she picked a nice kid, he is in Drama, and is smart, and she met his family... And if he breaks her heart.... well I will break his knee caps!

So that's it for today, Thanks for stopping by!
Happy quilting!