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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh My Gosh! Look what I got from Sue!

Oh My Gosh!!! Look at what I got in the mail!!!!!!

What you may wonder are you looking at?

These are my new Quilting Templates!!!!!!

I use these when I am too lazy to free motion quilt!

And they are wonderful! I have a very short arm machine, and these come in both large and small sizes!

I have searched and searched, and quilting templates for us hobby quilters with short arm machines are few and far between and Very spendy! These, are NOT!

Sue and Art at Suzy Q Quilter or to get to the templates check out
They have a very wide variety of templates ranging from small (4") to large 10" for those of you with the big machines! Plus they have 2" and 4" long templates too!!!

Did I mention they are wonderful! These are just a few of the ones that I got in the mail the other day! I have several more that I picked up at the quilt show for my birthday that I did not photograph because I was to darn lazy to go get from my room!!! But if you all want to see them I will share, mostly hearts and stars!
So, who are Art and Sue? What is Suzy Q Quilter??? Well, meet Art and Sue...
Now, let me tell you a little about Art and Sue, first of all, they are two of the nicest people I have ever met in the quilting world, and as we all now how nice quilters tend to be that say a LOT!
Sue is the kind of lady that you can't help but smile when you are around her, you just get the feeling that if she lived down the street you would be very good friends!

And Art, well Art reminds me a LOT of my darling hubby, very much the same personality, outgoing when needs be, but you just know he would rather be in his shop engineering or making something!

So that is a quick glimpse at Art and Sue, Why you may as am I telling you about these two wonderful folks? Well, like I said, Art and Sue make and sell Suzy Q quilt frames. Now for those of you who are professional long arm quilters, this will mean nothing to you, but for those of you who are hobby quilters like me, I am very impressed and interested in this frame, it is well built, has a lot of the options that we look for in a hobby frame, (I love the easy lift for the take up rail). Now I don't own a Suzy Q frame yet, But, when I save the money to purchase a longer arm quilting machine you can bet the Suzy Q in the frame I will be putting in on!

I do encourage you if you are a hobby quilter like me, want to quilt but just cannot see spending 7 to 10 thousand or more on a quilting machine and frame, Check out Sue's web site

Not only do they have their quilt frames for sale, the are also authorized dealers of the Bailey's Home Quilter, the Baileys is a very nice 15" machine, that is made just for us the hobby quilters, they have recently added a stitch regulator, so you can get the machine with the regulator or with out! And check out the package deal they offer.

The 15" Bailey (non regulated) and their 104" frame, for $3350.00!!!! ( a stitch regulator adds about another $700 to the price)

Oh yea, I am all about saving cash!!! Plus like I said before, two of the nicest folks in the quilting world, boy if you have a question or a problem they are right on it!

OK so back to the templates, I have been quilting up a storm ever since I got them, Check out this little Gem....

I made up a couple of small baby size quilts, the block are only 4.5" square, so pretty small, but I did manage to quilt each one. This block got a nice little spiral, quick and easy!
This one got a series of 8 pointed stars, let me tell you stars.. I have never been able to quilt stars! and look at this... How awesome is that!

So, whether you are interested in a home quilting system that can't be beat, or in just adding some templates to your existing system, stop by and say Hi to Sue and Art, place an order, or look for them at some of the west coast quilting shows, they do travel the circuit, Tell them that Ginny sent you! And if you do see them at a show, check out the Bailey's, great machine, great frame, great people!
Happy quilting to all,


Barb said...

That was very informative, thank you. gives me alot to think about for when my husband buys me a quilting machine.

Lisalou said...

How do these work? You trace the pattern first, correct? What do you use to mark with? Thakns!

Renee said...

Ok Ginny... now you have to tell us hobby quilters who quilt on our home sewing machines how to use these little gems... come on share the secrets!

Quiltcetera said...

Fantastic templates! Hope you have fun with them, it looks like you are off to a great start!