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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another winner... and Cool Pictures of Torrie with a Dolphin!!!

Oh my gosh!!! I have so much to share today, but the best things are coming at you first!!!

We have been getting daily emails from Torrie, she is really enjoying herself in Mexico, the emails are short but sweet, they all are sunburned even with gobs of sunscreen. She says the people keep trying to get them to buy Iguanas and the coolest bit of the whole trip, swimming with the dolphins!
She looks like she is having fun here, so are the girls she is with. From left to right, Torrie, Bergan and Berit.

I have to say, how cool is this picture! She sent Morgen an email that said the dolphin actually kissed her! LOL now I can call her fish lips!

I know this is a trip that she will never forget, I mean how could you! I still miss her a ton and look forward to her coming home. I am glad that they have Internet access so we at least get the emails. Boy is sending her on a week long trip to Mexico is this bad, I am not sure how I will survive college!

OK so, now on to my second bit of cool news, I held all of the birthday drawings and have mailed out the packages, so Missy and Thearica, your big heavy boxes of birthday goodies are on their way!

I also got a nifty birthday gift. Bill and the wonderful folks at USA Sharpeners send me a nice birthday present. I was pleasantly surprised! They sent me a rotary sharpener, a needle sharpener, a spare sent of grinding disks and a lanyard for the needle sharpener!

Thank you Bill for your generosity, you have an amazing product and an amazing company!

So, I do strongly encourage you all, please support these wonderful folks, if you have not done so, check out their website and their product, and save your self tons of money by not purchasing new blades for you rotary cutter, but sharpen your old ones back to new! The web site for the rotary blade sharpener is

So now for the cool part, since Bill sent me another rotary sharpener and really how many does a girl need, and since I already have one, I have decided to give the other away. Now before you think I am nuts, or just nice, I should let you know that I a keeping the needle sharpener and the spare set of grinding disks. Those are Mine,all Mine!!! LOL

So I think what I will do, is simply draw another name from the birthday entries. Or should I have you all comment here. oh that would take forever, nope just going to draw a name, So here goes.....

The winner is........ Wendi

I will email Wendi to let her know that she is the proud new owner of a rotary sharpener, Hmmm and I think I will purchase another peacock basket to go with it!!!!

Congratulations Wendi!

So that is all for now, I still need to show all of the pictures from my birthday... Look for that later to day!

Till then,

Have a great day



méri said...

You are great,Ginny!

I can imagine how much you miss Torrie, but she is sooooo happy!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ fish lips!!

wow she sure looks like she's having fun and am glad you are keeping in touch with the net ..

ginny you are an absolute darling to yet be giving away more stuff

you're an awesome lady!!