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Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Monday, finally have something to say!

Good Monday,

OK so I have had a ton to say, just waiting on pictures!

We had the BEST 4th of July, every year we have a neighborhood party, some times big some times small, we take turns hosting the party and this year was our turn, Well we kept it pretty small, close friends, and good neighbors, we ended up with about 20 people, with an even split between kids and adults. I think every one had fun, the food was good, and it was HOT, it topped right at 100 degrees that day, so we made up some water fun for the kids. T and her friend Julia filled about 250 water balloons, Stuart made a water balloon cannon (he was launching water balloons from out back yard, OVER the house on the the front yard of the across the street neighbors!) We also made up a dozen water wienies.. (rubber tubing, writing pen tip, fill with water = hours of wet fun)

The kids said the water fights were the best part of the 4th. Then of course we did tons of fireworks!

I was so busy that night that I did not get the chance to take any pictures, thankfully my wonderful neighbor Judy had her camera and took tons, here are some photos of our 4th.
One of my favorite parts of the evening was when we presented my neighbor Carl with the quilt top I have been working on for him. Carl (the seated gentleman) is one of our dearest neighbors, he has spent his life working in service to our country. He is one of the kindest and most caring people I know, I am proud to call him friend. I started this quilt in January, it went on the back burner for a long time as other things took over. I had not gotten it finished by the 4th, the poor thing still needed two side borders... but we showed him anyhow, the quilt is now on my frame waiting to be quilted later this week.
This is another picture of Carl's quilt, I am on the left, and Carl's friend Nancy is on the right. Nancy is visiting from Utah and is going to come over and help me quilt the quilt.

Carl and Nancy, what a nice couple! Oh I have to point out the table center piece, Morgen made several of them, they are coffee creamer containers, and construction paper, they looked like fireworks!
Yes this is me, I was ready to slap that camera by the time the night was over I do NOT like having my picture taken!!!
My back yard very small, and full of people... lets see.. Julia, Rina, Morgen, Doug, Annie and Berit.Stuart the Grill Master (and Darling Hubby!) Wendi and Morgen....In this one, Jessica, Julia, Rina, Morgen and Kendra.

And not a single picture of the fireworks!

Thanks for stopping by, I have another post coming soon of what else we have been up to. Stay tuned!


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Jackie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. And the water balloon canon? Genius! Who wouldn't love that?

The watermelon quilt in the post above is just fantastic. The seeds are the perfect design feature!