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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Need quilting suggestions!!!

Good morning!
I just realized how long it has been since my last post!

I have actually managed to squeeze some sewing time in, I finally finished those cursed backpacks! I will post pictures of them soon. Officially I will NEVER do another backpack I truly hate them!!!
On the fun side of things I finished my block for next months block lotto at our local Craft Warehouse, I will have to take a picture of this block I really like it and was happy with the final results.

And I have begun work on another coffee wall hanging, matter of fact I was up till eleven last night working on it! (this is what happens when I have caffeine in the evenings - I just knew I should not have had that iced tea)

I am happy with how this one is coming along. I have also started work on Torrie's Jeff Gordon quilt. When our local Joann's closed I got an entire bolt of JG fabric for almost nothing. Torrie (who is a huge fan) ask me if I could make her a quilt, so I am using a pale blue minkee and going to make it similar to the red alien quilt below.

Oh and I am almost finished with the watermelon quilt that I have on the frame, I was stumped for a while on how I was going to quilt the green part of the watermelon (OK so still am but have an idea... If you have any suggestions let me know) I have done a basic stipple in the dark green areas, and loop t loops in the pink border area, for the pink watermelon area I am also doing loops, so I can sew black "seeds" in the loops. I am having a terrible time with the green "rind" area, I thing I am going to do peacock feathers to fill in the area... but am still not sure, having only 5 inches to work with is hard because I have to break it into smaller sections when I quilt.

So please for those of you who are quilters, I would love suggestions!!! I really do like this little wall hanging and want to get it finished before the summer is over!

Thank you for stopping by today, I promise I will post again soon...

We have a big neighborhood 4th of July party every year, and this year is our year to host... so have been gearing up for that...Wish me luck as I am NOT a natural hostess... I envy people who are!!!

So if I do not see you before then, have a safe, sane and happy 4th!



Myra said...

Sounds like you are a busy bee and on a roll in the sewing room down your way! Good for you!8-)
Can't help you with the quilting problem as I struggle with that myself...sorry... 8-(
Good luck hosting your July 4th neighborhood party! Have fun! 8-)

Veronica said...

You are certainly busy and I don't envy you the hostess job. Not my cup of tea, at all.

As for a quilting suggestion, if it were me, I'd quilt wavy lines along the green rectangles to suggest the outer lines of a watermelon. Happy 4th!

clare's craftroom said...

Wow I love that wallhanging , it really is beautiful .

Shanna said...

Over the weekend i got a really neat stencil for handquilting. there is a specific name, but i dont know what it is... it looks like one long continuous wavy line. Maybe you could do something like that, since the outside of a watermelon is green and white almost tye-dyed together.

I think the wall hanging is really cool :)

Karen E. Overton said...

I like to do straight line stitching in the 'dark side' of a log cabin - stitch in the ditch at the seam and one line in the middle. if you don't like ruler work then do the wavy line. Adds a great dimension to the quilting and really makes it pop

colourdujour said...

Hi, I won't be shy then. Hope your 4th party went well. We had friends visit us from your neck of te woods (Richland) I sew and some quilt but haven't for a few months now. come visit me.