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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New quilt photos to share

My sincerest apologies...
I have been absent for the last two months, all I can say is life got really really busy during that time and one of the things I let go was my blog, and the other that got put on the back burner was my quilting. As a matter of fact, when I finally made it back out to my sewing room I discovered my calender still said August, and is was really October.

Nothing bad happened during that time, just the usual craziness that is life. We did get the house completely done, the kids went back to school, my work schedule picked up, and of course I got sick, spent 3 weeks fighting the Super Crud, one very nasty cold bug that knocked me on my A**!
Finally about two weeks ago was able to wander out to my room and spend a day getting caught up on projects. I got Morgen's birthday quilt finished! And I was able to start quilting some of the tops that I had done but not yet quilted. One day I locked the doors and quilted 5 wall hangings!

If feels nice to finally get to spend some time on my hobby again. And to be blogging, I have missed you all and will try not to disappear like that again.
I do have a ton of pictures to share, a few of my most recently quilted projects, I will only be able to put up a couple of pictures today as I have not photographed all of them yet.
I will also be sharing our Halloween pictures soon too.
So, enough ramble.. on the the quilts!
This is Morgen's Birthday Quilt! It is truly a Diva quilt! And I love it! This was also my first attempt at applique' I had never done applique' before because I was terrified of it. Well it did not turn out perfect. But it turned out well enough. And the most important thing. Morgen loves it too.
Here is a couple of close ups of the blocks. Now please remember I am NOT a professional long arm quilter! I am a daycare provider!!! So no judgments on the quality of quilting! please.These are two of my favorite, the kitty shoe and the flame shoe, Morgen has a lunch bag made from the flame fabric that she carries every day so this was perfect for the quilt, and the kitty, well we own 5 so needed at least one shoe with a cat on it.Now for something a little different! The story goes like this. I promised to make a quilt for one of my DC moms.. like a year and a half ago! I never quite got to it.. I know BAD Ginny! So last months block lotto at Craft Warehouse was this pretty nine patch maple leaf.. I loved the leaf and made a small 9x9 wall hanging for myself. Kim, the DC mom LOVED it so I offered to make her one. ( I am sure she was thinking yea right!!!) Well I got to work on it the very next day and had the top done with in three days! Then quilted it that weekend, did the binding over the course of the next week, and was able to give the wall hanging to her yesterday! She was thrilled. I still need to put on a label, but will do that once Thanksgiving is over. Now I just need to surprise her with a pretty spring quilt for after the holidays. (BTW, this quilt will hang right in the entry way to her house, it is the first thing you see when you walk in the door!)
Last but not least... I thought I would share with you all a picture of my darling husband and myself. I don't often publish photos of myself because I am vain and don't like to see pictures of me because it reminds me that I am fat. BUT, I like this picture so here it is. Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch!
Hope you all have enjoyed my latest offerings. I will try to be better about blogging. Thank you all who emailed to ask if everything was OK. I am honored that so many read and worry when I disappear.
Happy Quilting,


jabeybaby said...

Welcome back! That shoe quilt is fabulous, I love the flames, and I think your quilting looks awesome too! I also love that leaf quilt, very pretty!

Myra said...

Well there you are!!! Glad to hear the norms of life just got in the way of your blogging, and not something worse...

Good to hear you have the renovations done! That is a big job! 8-)

Great shoe guilt, and the quilting looks great! I am sure your daughter will love it for a very long time...

What a wonderful Fall Leaf wall-quilt! Love Fall colors!

That is a wonderful photo of you and your hubby! 8-)

Thanks for sharing!

Happy stitchings!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back!!

Bia, from Brazil said...

Loved it all! Congratulations! Have a wonderful 2010!