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Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a weekend! Got a new quilt frame!

Oh I am so very very tired so will keep this short! I had an awesome quilty weekend, yesterday I started work on the Christmas panels I am making up into wall hangings for all of my Daycare families! I cannot show pictures because some of them read my blog!

Today was the best. Last week I answered an online ad from a nice lady in Idaho who wanted to sell her Suzy Q quilt frame for an AWESOME price! Well, she lives about 8 hours away, so we agreed to meet half way. Today was the day! Torrie got to drive most of the way, with Stuart taking over in the worst snow areas... So, drove 4 hours there, picked up the frame (it is almost new, not a mark on ding on it!) and then 4 hours back, we all went as a "fun family outing" and really did have a nice trip. This is the longest that Torrie has ever driven and she did an excellent job, she drove through snow, ice rain, up mountain passes, and down again, and she got some night time driving too!

We made it home, unloaded, put the seats back in the van and are now all ready to head to bed.
I just had to share my excitement, now all I have to do is find a buyer for my old Grace frame...

Wish me luck.


Myra said...

How exciting Ginny!!! You will have to show a photo of your wonderful deal/purchase!!! It sure must have been worth the drive!!! Good for you! 8-)
Good for Torrie with the driving! I gather she just has a learner license?
Happy stitchings!

Barb said...

Love the way you are now hanging your easy to use...thanks for showing it and your wonderful quilts.