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Friday, January 15, 2010

Magic Hour!

Good Morning, its FRIDAY!!! Oh how I love Fridays! A very busy weekend awaits, hair appointments, dog to the groomer (I love my groomer she is the best!) Grocery shopping, and I get to spend just a little time working on my latest quilt.
For ages my Darling hubby has been asking for a new quilt for our bed, the first one I made is getting rather holy, plus, it is kind of boring. Just a simple Trip Around The World, done in shades of blue.
So recently I purchased Eleanor Burns Day and Night book, oh what pretty quilt, went to Joann's got the perfect fabric, and got to work.....

This is just a quick layout, on the dining room table, I am still ironing and sewing blocks and will be for a while. But I wanted to share with you all a sneak peek!

Now, there is a cute little story to go with this quilt, when I envisioned this quilt, I wanted something in blues, you see Stuart loves blue, as I started piecing I knew in my mind how it was going to look.
I described it to Stuart as "you know in the summer time just after the sun has set, when you look to the west and the sky is still blue, but then as you look to the east the sky changes colors to purple then dark blue, and you can see the stars coming out, what to they call that?"
His reply....Twilight.
Now, I know many of you are great fans of Stephanie Meyer.... I for one can not stand her books so there is NO WAY IN HELL I am going to name this quilt Twilight!!!!
Now Stuart, is an engineer... their minds don't work like other peoples.. He pulls out his Old Farmers Almanac and looks up twilight. There are three twilight's, the first is when the sun is from 0 to 6 degrees below the horizon, the second is called nautical twilight, when the sun is between 6 to 12 degrees below the horizon and there is astronomical twilight 12 to 18 degrees below the horizon... his suggestion... we call it "Between 12 to 18 degrees"
Lets hear a big resounding NO from you all!
So, the next day (yes we are coming to the end of the story) I am telling the Girls about the conversation with Dad... Morgen my younger daughter looks at me and say "Mom, you should name it Magic Hour"

Why Magic Hour ask I.... her reply " in the movie Reign of Fire (good movie BTW, about dragons, the end of civilization, and Matthew McConaughey all tough and buff!) Anyhow, in the movie the Matthew, tells Christian Bale that "the dragons have excellent daytime vision, and can see even better at night, But twilight is the only time they have a hard time seeing, that their vision is not as good and that is when they can fight and defeat the dragons, that is Magic Hour".

And thus a quilt was named!

Hope you all have a wonderful and productive weekend!


Barb said...

Love your quilt and the story....I love Magic Hour....

Dena said...

Great story and I love the quilt. Can't wait to see it after you've finished it.

Myra said...

That quilt is going to be awesome! Love it so far! 8-)