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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Magic hour update and a new haircut!

Good afternoon!
Oh yea it is almost FRIDAY and boy do I need a Friday this week!

I have been super busy working on the Magic Hour quilt and am down to putting on the final two boarders! I don't usually make quilts this large and now I remember why! I am excited about getting it quilted. Karen O from (this is her website) or even better, visit her blog here... Anyhow, Karen has agreed to quilt my quilt for me. Now there are a couple of things you should know, Karen was the wonderful lady who we contacted shortly after Hurricane Ike came ashore a year and a half ago, she generously accepted and handed out many many quilts donated by quilters all over the country. Karen is also a fabulous professional longarm quilter, A-1 dealer and has been a huge inspiration for me. By reading her blog and looking at pictures of her quilting I have been able to learn enough to apply to my own quilting that I am no longer embarrassed to actually show my quilts off! Any how now, this wonderful lady will be quilting my quilt for me and I could not be happier! She did warn me that it will take about 6 months before it get it back, but that is OK, you know what they say, all good things come to those who wait!

Here is a picture of the almost finished quilt.And another

Oh I got a new haircut too!!! Love this picture, you can't see the GREY!

Well, time to pick up the little one from school, hope you all have a wonderful productive weekend. And as always, thanks for stopping by!


Jacque. said...

ohmygosh, this quilt is GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

Ginny, the quilt is beautiful and I like the haircut!

Barb said...

Love your quilt.....and haircut!!

Jackie said...

I love the quilt!

Grey? I don't see any!

Tammy said...

beautiful quilt, you did a fabulous job. and i love the hair, but i think the pic would have been better if we could have seen your beautiful smile with it!!

Myra said...

Gorgeous Quilt! Love the pattern! 8-)

Shogun said...

I love the quilt AND the haircut!