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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Magic Star for the Bitchy Stitcher!

This is for you Megan! Like I said in my post, this was a quick and dirty layout. I just used what ever color looked close. Your quilt will be MUCH cuter. I do like the idea of using the yellow for the stars and the star material for the sashing!
I was able to make a better image in EQ 7 even though it is still not perfect. I was able to get the stars in there after all.
Here is the pattern I wrote up and sent to Megan on facebook. It assumes you have some basic quilting experience.

Magic Star
Cut 36 5” squares for 4 patch blocks
Cut 4 5” squares for Star center
Cut 12 5” x 9.5” rectangles for sashing
Cut 48 2 ¾” squares to form star points
Cut 5” boarder
Now simply sew together your four patch blocks. I use a random layout when using a variety of fabrics, for yours I would stick to just the pile of fats. Once 4 patch block are made set aside.

Now place one star point square on one corner of your sashing rectangle and sew from corner to corner, do this for all four corners of the rectangle, you should end up with each corner of sashing rectangle the same color as your star center. Trim to ¼ inch and press.

Next take 3 of your sashing rectangles and sew them to 2 of your star centers in this order, sashing, center sashing center sashing. Do this twice. This will form both horizontal sashing rows.

Now take your four patches and attach the vertical sashing rectangles. You should end up with three rows of… 4 patch, sashing, 4 patch, sashing, 4 patch.

Now simply join these rows to your horizontal sashings.

Yep clear as mud!

When done add border!

1 comment:

Megan said...

YOU ARE AWESOME. Love you to death. Going to start cutting now!