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Monday, April 4, 2011

The New Crown Jewel Has Arrived!

Another busy weekend has come and gone, I have had some good news.. the pathology report from my surgery was non cancer! And after two hours of mammograms OUCH btw... I will have to go in again in 6 months to be rechecked. They did find 3 spots on one breast and one on the other.

Now in my usual fashion, I try not to let things get me down and these last two weeks I haven't had time to have a negative thought!  I actually have had a lot of fun these last two weeks, Friday the day of my surgery Bobbie the shop owner sold our rental machine!!! YIKES.. Now this is a good thing because after all that is her job, to sell sewing machines, but the yikes comes from the fact that I have a FULL calendar the entire month of April, I don't have any room for down time due to no machine. Fortunately the lady who bought the machine was gracious enough to allow us to continue using and renting her machine while our new longarm was shipped. I taught her how to use her longarm the Sunday after my surgery, and then we waited... Well I have to say I am very impressed with the Babylock people, the new frame and the Crown Jewel arrived Wednesday and Thursday, less than a week after the old machine sold. So, Friday after I got off work Stuart and I headed to the shop to set up the new CJ, we got there at about 4:30, the ladies who were renting that day finished their quilt and we were able to start set up on the new system. Many hours later we had this....
 We got done with initial set up, leveling and leaders at about 10:30 Friday night. I had my first class Saturday morning, things went OK, not great but OK, we had a bit of problem with the tension, as the day progressed I did manage to get it fairly balanced... Then Sunday I had another class..
 And the machine tension went all to hell! Again I tweaked it all day long and finally late Sunday afternoon I got it balanced. I may have to cause pain to anyone who messes with that dial!
So now, after two full days of playing, both on my own test piece and my two ladies classes, I have to say I like this machine. It is primarily the Jewel just a little bit nicer, a couple improved features that make the over all quilting process a bit easier. I did have to put a warning sticker on the handles. The renters will not be allowed to use the precision stitch feature until they take a second class, I for see some real bloody fingers otherwise! I do like that you can change the stitch length right on the handles.
If you are looking for a good solid mid range long arm, I really would suggest you check out the Crown Jewel. Now the real challenge for me begins.. I have to learn how to use the computer guided portion.. Anybody out there familiar with Quilt Motion? If so give me a shout I am rather intimidated by it!
Well, going to keep this short tonight, it has been a heck of a week this last little while, and I need to get some rest!
Thanks for stopping by,
Happy quilting!


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Wonderful health news...I'm happy for you. I think it is wonderful you have had other fun things to keep your mind busy. Enjoy!


Barb said...

Glad you got a good report from do have a wonderful attitude. Thanks for the posting about the crown jewel....

Anonymous said...

Привет из России!Какая классная машина-просто мечта!!!!!!!!!

Ginny said...

Ok this is one of the coolest comments!

Had to run it through babel fish...

Hello from Russia! "What a cool machine, a dream !!!!!!!!!

Cntrygrl213 said...

Beautiful work. Really enjoyed browsing thru ur work. PS great news on the pathology report. Hope u never hear that horrible C word again!