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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I should have bought stock!

I have always been an avid reader. I love books and I have passes that love onto my children. I remember reading C.S. Lewis, Narnia in 4th grade, over and over that year. I also remember the summer between 6th and 7th grade, I found a Novel, it was my older sisters I think and she was angry that I read her book, she tattled to mom, mom said that if I was old enought to understand it I was old enought to read it. (Thanks Mom!) And I blossomed. Books are almost an obsession. When the Girls were little I never had time to read with kids 18 months apart you don't have time to do much of anything. So I gave up my books, fast forward, the girls got older, but I had the daycare, still not much time to read, but then I found ebooks, Ah Ha I could read in the dark because my ebook reader had a back light, I spent two years getting about 4 hours of sleep a night...YAWN!

The point of all of this you ask, So I started quilting, and that as we know takes up huge chunks of time, and sometimes it is a pretty mindless thing. Now fast forward to Christmas 2006, having teenage daughters they always want the latest gadget, So for Christmas I got them MP3 players. Well, Stuart and I played with them before Christmas, Wow these little buggers are cool, so we both got one also, Stuart for his music, me well I figured I would put some music on, but as I am not a huge music buff.... Then I got to looking in the package and there was a free trial membership to a internet site called Audible specilizes in you guessed it audiobooks in MP3 format! I was in HOG HEAVEN. thousands of books, in every genre, by some of my favorite authors, unabridged, well read... I can sew, cook, clean, and listen in bed! WOW, Ok so I average about 3 books a week. Yes it is an addiction, Yes it annoys Stuart that I have to pull an earbud out when he talks to me. But to feed my reading soul, that is bliss. I do not even want to calculate how much of my paycheck has gone to the Audible site all I know is I should have bought stock.


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