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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Starve a fever, Feed a cold?

Ah heck I can never remember maybe it's starve a cold and feed a fever either way it's not working, I am two weeks into this bloody cold and it is only getting worse, I actually closed the daycare yesterday to try and get some rest, was planning on closing today but had a parent call and ask me to please be open because it is finals week and she can't miss work. Sigh, so I got up this morning with a fever and runny nose and coughing, all in all feeling like crud and went to work. On an up note I just found out that Friday I only have one of my kids so I have decided that I am closing so I can kick this thing!!!

The sad thing about this cold, I feel so miserable that I have not worked on Morgens XXX quilt, I still don't have a name for it but here is a work in progress shot

I love the quilt it is so bright and all I have left to do is the quilting part, I am still not sure how I want to quilt it, I thought about a pretty design in all the black squares with a rainbow variegated thread, but when I tried that I did not like it, so unquilted that square, then tried a 2" square grid, Yuck again, so still thinking, and still no energy to wrestle the thing around to do the quilting, I am bummed it has never taken me this long to finish a quilt, poor Morgen is wondering if I will ever get her quilt done... I will I promise! The good news in since I was not using my machine Morgen grabbed it (BTW, that Morgen in the picture) and sewed her Project Linus quilt. So the weekend was not a total waste.

I am hoping I will get the energy to work on it this weekend because if things go as we plan it may be my last weekend to do any sewing for a long while, As many of my friends know I have been saving every spare penny for ages (it was a lot of pennies= LOTS of ages) and I finally have enough saved to built MY sewing room. We finished Stuarts shop a year ago and he has been having a blast in there with the bugs, but I am still squished into the corner of my bedroom with my machines and to do any real sewing and quilting I have to bring everything out to the living room. So by the end of the month we will have ordered my room it will be a free standing (not attached to the house) 10' x 20' fully finished sewing room, I laughed and told Stuart that we will have to put in intercoms, his shop is on the south end of the house, my room will be on the north end! The lovely thing, We are building it.... I figured we did Stuarts 20'x24' all steel shop in a summer, heck a building half that size all pre-cut lumber should be a breeze! (remind me of that statement in 3 months please LOL).
Well that's it for now I have another post that I will be doing later showing some of the daycare kids in action, but now its dinner time.
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Kimber said...

Hi Ginny, my name is Kimber and I jumped to your blog space from crazyquilters. In reading your blogs I have a few questions maybe you can answer.

1) When making a larger quilt how do you do your backing? I am pretty new to quilting and have only finished two quilts but both were lap or baby quilts.

2) Your sewing room...Is pre-fab? Where on earth did you find a room that everything is already pre-cut and you just have to put it together?

my email is

Thank you in advance for your answers. Also, congratualations on your birthday present!!!