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Monday, June 9, 2008

News, News and More News

Wow, OK so I am not so good at this blog thing, I only seem to get to write about once a month, I guess that means I am either really really busy and never get the chance to write or my life is so totally boring that I have nothing to write about! I will let you decide!

OK so I wrote before about construction on my quilting studio, wow you would not believe how much progress we have made in the last month, we have gotten all of the walls up, roof and shingles on, windows and doors installed and the electrician had been wiring for the last week! So this is what we look like now!

I am so excited about how things are coming along!

I also wanted to share the conclusion of our Girl Scout troop quilting for Project Linus I am proud to share that the girls finished 20 rag quilts and we handed them off to Loretta on May 12th. Here is a picture of the girls.

From left to right top to bottom: Mallory, Jessica, McKenzie, Cathrine, Loretta.

Torrie, Morgen and Megan.
With all of their lovely quilts. Congratulations girls you should be proud.

OK so the last thing I want to mention today, I would like to say a special thank you to our troop leader Michelle, with our her exuberant personality and giving heart we would not have stayed together for 8 years as a troop, yes these girls have really grown up together!

So this year with quilting being the theme, I made a lone star quilt for the true northern star of our troop, our guiding compass... Michelle we love you.

Well,that all for the moment, I will check back in later to write a bit about Torrie's Silver Award, stay tuned, and as always, thanks for stopping by.


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umbrellalady said...

Hi Ginny,

Love the rag quilts your troop has made. I too blog erratically but that hasn't stopped my enjoyment of it. lol