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Monday, June 9, 2008

Blankets of Love

So as many of you know, my family's love of quilting does not stop with me. I have two wonderful daughters that also sew and quilt. Morgen is just getting started and in July we are going to learn how to do paper piecing! In this blog I am going to be talking about my other daughter Torrie. Torrie is 14 years old and I swear she actually quilts more than I do! This year Torrie is finishing her Girl Scout Silver Award. I have included her write up that she is handing out to local businesses in her quest for donations of flannel. Please feel free to read it and if you want copy and print it out to share. She has set herself a pretty large goal of 30 baby quilts over the course of the summer. If you have any questions about what she is doing or fabric donations please feel free to email us @ or the email in her write up.
Thank you for your interest and support.

Blankets of Love
Hi, my name is Torrie. I am a Girl Scout in troop 1230. I am in the process of earning my Silver Award this is the second highest award one can earn in Girl Scouts. For my Silver Award I am making 30 child and baby sized quilts to donate to the local pregnancy center, domestic violence shelter and hospitals. These quilts will all be going to children in need. I am seeking donations of flannel material, each quilt takes approximately 3 ½ yards of material. Any size of material can easily be worked with. If you have flannel you would like to donate, please contact Torrie at I cannot accept monetary donations for fabric*. Thank you for your generosity.
Torrie H.

*I am allowed to accept gift cards for the purchase of fabric. Our local fabric stores are Joanns, Walmart, Craft Warehouse, Quiltmania and Village Quiltworks.

I can provide web sites and phone numbers for the last three quilt shops if you need them.
Thank you.

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