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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Moving in!

Hello All!

After many months, and no weekends off I am proud to announce that we are DONE! (OK almost done, we still have a very short list of things to do, mostly outside) But done enough to move in! We will have our final electrical inspection on Wednesday, then I can totally move in. As it is I have put together some of the furniture and such. So with out further ado, Pictures and descriptions of what you are seeing! This is what you see as soon as you walk in the door, my little Futon just to the left with both girls curled up, usually with a book, but today Torrie is snipping one of her quilts. Of course Morgen just has to make bunny ears!This picture was taken from the other end of the room looking back at the doors. I am amazed at how dark the pictures are, the walls are a creamy butter yellow, not as dark as they show here, keep looking I do have a picture that is more accurate in color.This area under the double lights is where my quilt frame will go, it is still in Stuarts shop, we will move it in after the electrical inspection later in the week. This shot shows the actual color of the walls, I had the lights off for this picture and the flash was on so it rendered it more accurate! The white cabinets are for fabric and this is not their final resting place! I will talk about the cabinets in the next picture!

OK so this is something I am super proud of, I made the cutting and ironing table above! The cutting surface is 2'x4' as you can see it is plenty big enough for my largest cutting mat. Next to it is my home made Ironing table, it measures 24"x 30" it took me about half an hour to make the ironing table and it works wonderfully, total cost, $290 that includes the base cabinets. The biggest bonus, TONS of storage below! Oh and we had the electrician wire the plug on its own circuit so no flickering lights when I iron!Last photo, OK so I admit, I love frilly and girly and Battenburg lace! so all of my windows have lace curtains! This photo shows where my sewing machines and embroidery machine will go after that dratted inspection! I want to move in so badly! The other thing you might have noticed is the abundance of lighting, I have 6 double wall lights and 4 over head lights, all but the 4 overhead lights can be shut off individually as needed. Very nice for sewing and such, no shadows anywhere in my room.

Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed the tour. I will post more pictures once I get moved in, so it will be a little while. But be sure to keep checking back as I will be posting pictures of Torrie's Silver Award Project, she is about a third of the way done with all of her donations quilts.

Please feel free to leave a comment, I love to know that people are actually reading my blog. As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon.



Glenna said...


Love your sewing room. How cheerful and pretty. The ironing table very ingenious. Can't wait to see it after you have moved in and got it organized. What an inspiration!

Glenna Penn

Jenny said...

I want to move in!! This room is so cheery. When you get you sewing machine and fabric in there you will never want to leave. Congratulatuions and enjoy your space