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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Holy Sheet Rock Am I Sore!

Well, again, its been a while since I have posted, mainly because we have been doing the big push to get my room done. I am starting to feel like a slave driver! When last I posted the electrician was doing his thing, well we passed our first inspection and I then spent two days installing insulation, hot itchy work that was, but got it done, then on to sheet rock, Stuart and I spent 2.5 days cutting and fitting and installing sheet rock. Then off to taping, mudding, sanding more mud and tonight more sanding! The good news, I have one more sanding to do, then we install the window and door trims, prime and paint. The electrician will come back in hang the fixtures and sockets, and we will install the floor. If all goes well and according to my time line we will be pretty much done by the end of the week end! So here are some more WIP pictures.

As always thanks for looking.

I have to say I really really never ever want to do insulation again!
Starting sheet rock. We did pretty well! Rough sheet rock, my phrase for the day, that's OK honey, I can fix that with tape and mud! And see I was right! it looks pretty good from here!

This is kind of a neat shot, we added two storage lofts, each one is 10' wide 8' deep and about 3' high at the peak, actually quite a bit of room, and there is a nice 4' space between the two, I will cover the opening with either quilts or curtains to hide the storage. I really am glad we added them!

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