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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, this is another quilting room update! I took some time off over the 4th of July, had a great time with the family and a fun neighborhood party with fireworks, food and good friends!

We also spend several days working our butts off on a final push to get my room done! So with out further ado PICTURES!!!
Primed and ready to paint! Painted, It is kind of a soft butter yellow with a golden/mustard ish trim
That is Stuart, caulking the base of the floor before putting the floor in!Another photo of the walls and a bit of the floor, it is a nice oak laminate, I did most of the installing, Stuart did the cutting and the girls helped hand stuff and hold the wood while Stuart cut. I have to say, my knees are still sore!

One more shot of the floor and walls, in this picture the walls are pretty dark, but really they are paler than this, I never imagined I would like yellow on the walls, but I love it!

So for now that is my room, we did put the trim on after these pictures, we have just a little bit to go. The electrician will be here Saturday to install the lights and plugs, and then the inspector will sign off on the building and I can move in. We still need to put in a couple of pieces of insulation up in the rafters, and of course we still need to paint out side, but that will be a while yet when it cools down, so probably Sept or so. And we need to put the skirting on too. That's about it.

As always, thanks for looking and feel free to leave a comments!


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