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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mommy Sadness, Give Away Goodness

Good morning!
Well the day has come at last, no not the day for the big drawing but the day that my little girl will be taking her first airplane trip. Yes today is the day that Torrie leave for her trip to Mexico. I was really fine with it, right up till I got up this morning, then SLAM! She leaves this afternoon and I won't get to see her or talk to her for more than a week. I am hoping she will be able to call at least once, and they will have a computer so emails are a must, but oh I am going to miss her!

I am going to use her time away to spend some much needed extra time with Morgen, she sometimes slides into the back ground and doesn't get as much attention so this will give us a lot of time to spend together with no interruptions, I know she will be missing her big sister badly.

OK so on to the give away, I mentioned that I would continue to shop for my birthday give away, and so I have, I am only going to say that I have found a couple more really neat items to add to the basket!
I had a blast shopping with my friend Wendi, and she shared some of her favorite quilting tool also.

I have been stunned at the response to this give away, but don't be discouraged at the numbers, I do have a special surprise.... So make sure you enter, you know what they say.... you can't win if you don't enter, and the last couple of people to win said then never thought they would so, get that comment in before mid night on Friday! (but NOT on this post, on the one below!)

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone, such nice comments! It really does boost ones ego! LOL I have been having a hard time fitting my head through the door! OK so not really, but I guess I didn't think that giving away a gift on my own birthday was such a big deal, but given the comments I guess it is. I love the idea of giving something back. We live in such a ME world, how often to you hear... Yea Me, or It's All About Me, how often to we see examples of people who only care about them selves and not others? Where I live, pretty often, just think about when you drive or those people who feel it is OK to cut in line at the store. I have tried to teach my children (and my daycare kids too) that we should be kind, courteous, and help others, that giving and loving will bring you so much more than anger and selfishness. I truly believe that. So for me to give on my birthday to all of the lovely people who take time out of their day to stop by and read my silly little blog, this is how I would thank you.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day.

And please keep Torrie in you thoughts, she will be having so much fun, but I really want her back to me safe and sound at the end of next week. (yep a mommy's worries)


Anonymous said...

I know that Torrie will have a great time in Mexico and you will be fine. I know it doesn't seem that way but her trip will be over before you know it! By the way, I had a great time shopping with you, too. It was fun to pick out stuff and share ideas!

nikkicrumpet said...

Torrie is going to have a wonderful time...but I know how you feel and it's tough on moms! I'll keep her in my prayers that she'll be safe, happy, and come home with great stories to tell!

Kebi Cedawna said...

My best friend just got back last Friday from her week-long honeymoon in Mexico. The pictures were amazing, I'm sure your daughter will have a blast!
I'll be praying for safe traveling :)

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Sending all good thoughts to her as she travels.

Lynn said...

Hope Torrie has a nice time in Mexico! I remember my daughter going down for a spring break in college. Something she always wanted to do.I was a nervous wreck but things went fine and she had a nice time! The time will go by fast for you all!

Lisalou said...

Awww! I understand so completely! It's hard to let them stray from your nest. Hang in there!

Renee said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Torrie... I know you, as all moms, will be worried sick, BUT she will be having a ball! I remember when my oldest went away on a canoeing trip for 2 weeks, all alone at age 13, with no one she knew (she was chosen to represent our local girl scouts).. I was a wreck until I saw her get off the plane!

Millie said...

Torrie will have a wonderful time in Mexico and we wish her a safe trip back and home.
Ginny you already gave so much away. You are defnitely a giver and love will follow you around.

Tammy said...

Hope Torrie got off safe and sound and arrived the same way. It's hard the first time you let them venture off without you. She'll be home before you know it and you'll enjoy all her stories and pictures and she'll appreciate home and being back for sure!!