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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today was a sad day for me.

Well, I usually start my posts with good morning, or good... what ever, today not such a good day.
You see today I am very sad. I just returned home from a quick shopping trip to my local Joann's. Now I need to start by saying we actually have two Joann's here in the Tri-Cities, we have the Richland Joann's and the Kennewick Joann's. Now I will try very hard to keep this positive and not say anything bad about the Kennewick Joann's....BUT, I love the ladies at the Richland store, can't say the same for the Kennewick one. The folks at the Kennewick tend to treat the customers as a bother, and have at times been flat out rude, enough so that I avoid that store unless it is the last place I know I will find an material that NO ONE else has.
On the other hand, at the Richland store the ladies always have a smile, a kind word, an "oh what are you making today?" The store is bright and clean and friendly, there are wonderful people like Wendi, and Sandy, and well all of them!
So you can see why I would be totally devastated when it was confirmed today that the Richland store will be closing this spring. :(
Now, my logical mind understands the reason for the closure, the building they are is old, and I mean old and not well maintained. So the corporate office made the decision to combine the two stores.... now I get to drive farther, to a darker dirtier store with staff that is less than friendly (to say the least)
I hate it when places we rely on and love to shop close, it makes me sad. And in a way makes me mad. This is a GOOD store, with GOOD employees, in a GOOD location. Well I think I will go send an email to the corporate office. Not that it will do any good, but they have to know that some of us are not happy with the choice.
Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder...
Oh and have a good day!

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Millie said...

It is so sad for these nice stores to close. The town we lived in had a Joann's, but they closed too just before we moved here. On the bright side you still have one Joann's to go too.