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Monday, June 15, 2009

Quilty weekend!

Good evening,

I just thought I would drop in for a few to share with you a little project I got done this weekend,

It was a crazy weekend, almost all day Saturday was spent driving the teen age daughter to work, back from work, the a friends house, to the pool to sign them is since friends mom forgot, pick of girls, drop off friend... and on and on. So I got NOTHING done Saturday.

Sunday on the other hand was spent in my little room quilting my heart out!
The a couple of weeks ago a friend was having a yard sale, when it was over she gave me this little zip lock baggie full of coffee fabric, really cute stuff, I looked at is, thanked her and decided right then to make her a coffee wall hanging, you see Diana is a coffee fiend!

Well, off to the store I went... after all I love a good reason to go fabric shopping... I picked up a couple of complimentary fabrics all coffee themed and in colors to match her living room...
Sat down, and looked at some block patterns, decided in a square in a square pattern, and stared cutting. I did not have a written pattern, just a picture in my head of how I wanted the wall hanging to look when I was done...

Roughly three hours later...
Look below for close ups... The quilting on this little guy was fun, the entire wall hanging measures 35" square I quilted the word Coffee all the way around in the boarders, except I put hearts in the corners and the sashing blocks. There is a simple figure 8 design on the sashing. The blocks were the most fun to quilt, on the top row I quilted the word Java then a Cup, then Cappuccino, on the middle row did a cup, then the word Espresso then a cup and on the bottom row I quited the word Mocha, then a cup then Latte. I did it in a tan thread as my quilting is still a work in progress so it does not show well in the pictures, but you can see it when you look at the wall hanging in person.
This is a close up of the center square, the little 3" brown square was the fabric that she gave me, I think it is so cute! I would love to know who made it, and where she got it from as I would love to get more of this fabric and of the white fabric in the next picture.I had a 12" square of the white fabric with the coffee cups on it, I love it they are so sweet. If you know where to get this fabric please let me know, I want to make another wall hanging for another friend but do not have enough. So, for something a little different. This is K. She is one of my DC Kids.... Earlier this year she got to pick a craft out of a book for a school project.... I don't remember all of the crafts but they had to complete it at home. Well, K chose to make a 9 patch block, The little book the teacher gave them had all of the instructions. K ask me if I would help since I love to quilt.... Well how could I turn down that face... so we spend an afternoon cutting and teaching K how to sew her blocks together, pressing and sewing, she had so much fun. We kept saying that she needed to finish her little quilt, so last week she brought the block to me, we marked out a quilt design on the block, I hooped it, the back and the batting, and away she went... I think it turned out PERFECT! And it really is all hand pieced and quilted. I am very proud of K. I hope we will be able to make many more quilts together.
Well, it is pumpkin time for me... I hope you all had a wonderful quilty weekend also.
As always, thank you for stopping by.


Myra said...

Hey Ginny! took me a while to get here... Still playing catch up! 8-)

The coffee quilt is wonderful, and what a great gift you've made it to be!!! What a surprize for your friend! 8-)

Your little DC friend made a lovely job of her first quilt! 8-)

Rachel said...

Hello Ginny. I saw your comment on my blog and decided to come by to visit. I'm glad I did. I love your coffee quilt - very cute!

Thanks for visiting me - I've put your name in for the giveaway (twice!).

Take care,

Jackie said...

What a wonderful friend you are!

K's block is gorgeous! She's lucky to have you to inspire her!

clare's craftroom said...

I know exactly what it's like being the taxi driver of teens . I really love the coffee quilt , great colour matching (I'm a coffee fiend too , lol )