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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No quilting but sure have been busy!

Life is just not sane... yep I think I am loosing it! I peeked my head into my sewing room the other day to grab a quilt, breathed deeply and out I went again. That is the most time I have spent in my beautiful room in weeks :( The down side is I have gotten nothing creative done and it is driving me out of my mind.

The good part about life, the kids are almost done with school for the year, the 10th is the start of summer vacation, that means, 4 day work week for me. Whoo hoo! Of course that also means my income is cut in half OUCH!

I do get to spend time with my lovely, sweet smart, fighting, nitpicking teen age daughters, that means when they get on my nerves I get to lock my self in my room!!!

We really have been going non stop here, just a few things like.... Torrie finished Drivers Ed.

Morgen was indoctrinated into The National Junior Honor Society last night!

Stuart turned 50! on Monday.

I have been cleaning out my storage areas getting ready for the mother of all yard sales! I have had it with the clutter.

I just started a new pre-school program in the daycare, that has been quiet the change, I love the company I went through and am super happy with the curriculum!

The poochy got a bath and soon a hair cut!

Oh and my two kitties turned two on Monday also!

Yep been a crazy crazy week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny, Kendra loves your poochy! She wants me to bring her to meet him. Maybe the next time I stop by, I will bring her.

Myra said...

Happy 5o to your Stuart! Seems to be a lot of that going on right now! 8-)

Scoochy cleans up nice! What a cutie!

I was surprized to read that school is let out so early for the summer down your way... Here it runs till the end of June.

happy stitchings...

Jackie said...

The pup is a cutie and the pic of the kitty in the tree is just plain scary to me. But I know cats love stuff like that.

Sounds like you're really busy but that things will be slowing down soon and you'll have time to sew. The post below about the boats sounds like loads of fun. Glad you got to go!

Shogun said...

I really like dogs but I LOVE cats and those two cats are gorgeous! (My favorite cats are black and white.) My cats are too lazy to go into a tree anymore, but they help me quilt. Thanks for sharing pictures of your animal helpers.