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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A walk in a rainbow

I love going to the fabric store... I know women who love to shop and look at jewelry, I know some who love to shop for make-up, I know several who have shoe addictions (you know who you are!) and I know some who love to shop for clothing... for me it is fabric, I love the colors. When I walk into the fabric store it is like walking into a rainbow, all bright and cheery, different textures, shimmery, bold, and pastel all in one. No matter what my mood I am always happy in the fabric store, and I ALWAYS go over budget!
I have not been feeling well this last week, I am not "sick" no cough, or stuffy nose just a sore throat and all over body aches... Today I was finally feeling up to leaving the house, still tired but needed to pick up the backing for the Magic Hour quilt, and another that is in the works (I will be taking pictures soon and showing it off). So off to Joann's I went, had a lovely visit with Annie one of my DC moms who works there, she was shopping too! Got the backing I needed plus a couple extra yards! Oh and cutting mats were on sale so I splurged and got a new cutting mat, my old one was just about wore through on the 0 line! All in all the trip was a success, fun and I feel 100% better, lighter in the pocket book, but since everything was on sale I won't complain too much!
So with that, I will wish you all a wonderful upcoming weekend, and remember when you are feeling those winter blues... go to the fabric store and take a stroll inside a rainbow.
Happy quilting.


Dena said...

I love going to our local quilt shops and building up my resources. So much fun! I especially enjoy browsing the sale section. LOL

I need to purchase a new cutting mat because mine is well worn and doesn't seem to heal as well as it used to.

omashee aka Barb said...

Isn't retail therapy wonderful? Especially in a fabric store. I love going into our LQS just to fondle the fabrics.

Sewing, knitting, quilting Grandma said...

Ginny, I know what you mean! Just being in a pretty fabric or yarn store just makes us feel better.

There is a quilt shop in our small town, Kingston,WA. They hang colorful banners on the outside front wall. It cheers me even if I'm just going to the ferry dock.

In the same short block are a crepe shop on one corner, very small made to order Mexican food take-out, a tiny but wonderful toy store and an ice cream store on the far corner. The ice cream shop is like the one on Bainbridge Island( very near a knitting shop), except theirs remains open during winter. Is it any wonder I love our town?

Our JoAnn's, Pacific Fabrics (favorite shop) and Linda's Knit n'Stitc, my favorite yarn shop, are located 2-3 towns away. We go on weekends. Terry gets the car washed and does errands while I shop.

All that is available without taking the ferry to the Seattle side.