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Friday, February 12, 2010

Torries new car and quilts done!

I have been a busy, busy girl!
I am finished with Magic hour! (OK still have to sew the back together but that doesn't count!)
And have moved on to Adams Black, White and Red quilt, I have it done except the boarders, and I have almost finished the two extra quilts from the left overs, I will get them done this weekend and posted since I have a three day weekend I am pretty sure I will have time to get all three finished!

I have also been busy searching for a car for Torrie. Stuart has been working on a 72 bug for her to drive, but sadly has not made a lot of progress on it and it will not be drivable for a long while. So I made the command decision to use some of my savings and buy her a car...oh what a long strange trip this has been!!! I spent several days looking on craigslist for something in my budget and something that will be safe and reliable... well let me tell you, those three things just DO NOT go together!!!!
I looked at one car that.... well lets just say, the pictures were wonderful (just love photo shop!) But when we actually saw the car, well side swiped, spray painted, water leaks oh and my personal favorite, they had MELTED the air bag cover back in place, of course no air bag because it had deployed when the car got hit!!! OMG.

So, after that lovely little car I decided it was time to start calling dealerships, now I know that the chances of finding something in my price range is almost zero, but it never hurts to call.

My first call, I get put on with this nice salesman named Rick, I explain to Rick that I have $XXX amount of money, not financing anything, something safe for a teenage girl.... you get the idea, well as we are talking Rick says to me... "Do I know you?" Me.. "no" he says "you sound really familiar" ...Oh I say... then he asks if I quilt.... now let me tell you, I work from home and do NOT know a lot of people especially men... so when a strange mans says he knows you, AND know you are a quilter the will FREAK you out! Anyhow, he then pauses and say...Wendi! I say..RICK... Turns out that I had completely forgotten that my good friend Wendi's (maker of the Cars quilt a couple of posts down) husband is a sales man, and low and behold but that was who I got put on with... well, long long story short, Rick was a wonderful help, I ask him to please find a car that he would buy for HIS teenage daughter (yes he has one too) and he did. I did cost more than I had planned on spending...(I will NOT be putting a fence up this year after all) But I got an excellent car for Torrie... So with out further ado... Torrie's new "Grandma Car"

It is a 2001 Buick Century, like I said a grandma car, BUT it is in excellent condition, drive beautifully and has working air bags! Plus, even though it is not some cutesy teenage girly car she love is.

The sad thing, it is newer than MY car!

A quick shot of the inside, this car was very well cared for, the only wear spots are on the steering wheel. I am happy and think we got a good deal.

So, yep all in all a very productive week, one quilt finished, another almost finished, two more with all blocks completed just needs assembled, and a new to us car purchased, Oh and Torrie took her written drivers test today (passed it too) takes her driving test next Friday, and turns 16 on Saturday!
Yes, busy busy and loving it.
Thanks for stopping by, I am headed to bed!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

How wonderful for Torrie.

I just got my license for the first time in my 38yrs and would be thrilled to have my own vehicle.

For now I play tug of war with hubby for my time behind the wheel.

free indeed said...

The Century's are a great car...super good on fuel too. My daughter and SIL have one. I know the feeling well of the kids having newer/better cars than us! We still drive around in a '93 Crown Vic that smokes blue! while the kids have Toyotas and Hondas???? HELLO????? NOT FAIR!!!!!

Jackie said...

Congrats on finding a safe car for Torrie. We bought my parents car for my son several years back after we had started looking locally. It's amazing what people are trying to sell out there. Thank goodness you ran into Rick!

Tammy said...

Wow, it's a small world how you knew that car salesman. I bet Torrie is loving that new car and it looks like a nice safe car too. How exciting to be a new driver and have a car and what a help she can be to her Mom now that she can drive, etc. Looking forward to meeting you in person next month!!