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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A 5 minute check in! More later I promise.

Sorry I haven't checked in lately, I have been working on three different quilts!
I have been piecing the purple quilt for my step mother, and I have the butterfly quilt on the frame here at home, been quilting butterflies every evening and am almost done. Sorry no pictures I will get some tonight before I pull it off the frame. I have also been working on Stuarts king size quilt at our local shop, they have a king size frame where as I only have a queen size (that will be fixed come my birthday!) So, my Saturdays have been taken up either teaching or working on Magic Hour (Stuarts quilt) I will get a few pictures of it before I take it off the rental frame!

Well, that was it my 5 minute check in! Now off to the chiropractor to get my neck unkinked!

Happy quilting


Barb said...

Hopefully, soon you will show pictures?

Micki said...

Can't wait to see your finishes. Sounds all good!