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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Magic Hour

Last January I pieced a king size quilt at my husbands request as he wanted a new quilt for our bed. After much time elapsed, I am proud to say that Magic Hour is now officially quilted and just needs binding!!!
This is the quilt loaded on the frame. I took me two full Saturdays to quilt!

I always love quilting at this shop for two reasons, the first Bobby the owner is one of the nicest people in the world, she always makes me laugh! Plus the rest of the crew (Darren) are great there is a lot of joking and fun, it just makes for great experience.

A back shot of the quilt on the frame. I have some pretty neat news about this machine, I will share more at the bottom of this post.

Done!!!!!! Yep 6 explanation points I feel so good that I got it done finally. This quilt really is a labor of love.

And a side shot!
One from the other side. 102 inches square... I use the entire frame for this one!

OK so for some cool news....

I mentioned before that I had been ask to teach an intro to quilting class. Well the pictures above were taken at the shop that I taught the class at, and the Jewel in the picture is the machine I am teaching....

Well, news got out that Bobby is now renting her machine, and that we are offering the into class, in the last week we have booked 4, yep 4 classes!!! I am pretty darn excited, after all to be ask to teach was a huge honor, to be ask to teach on a regular basis...pretty darn cool. To make money doing it, well that is a dream come true. I was ask this weekend why I still do daycare, it was suggested that I should quilt and teach full time.... I told her that my long term goal and plans are just that, in 4 years when my youngest graduates high school I plan on closing my daycare and quilting full time. That has been the plan for a few years... looks like it my just come true!

So today I am on Cloud Nine feeling like I am one step closer to my future.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Happy quilting,

Oh, and please don't be shy... leave a comment. I don't always get a chance to reply but I do read each and every one and appreciated all who take time to read my little blog.


Barb said...

That truly is a dream come true, I am so excited for you.

Your quilt looks us when you put it on your bed.

Congrats!! It doesn't get much better than that!

jabeybaby said...

Beautiful quilt! And congrats on your new teaching gig!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What an awesome opportunity. We do not have any LQS around that will rend time on a machine. I've seen it in other areas. I'd love to be able to do my own quilt on a long arm.

Tammy said...

Hi Ginny, your quilt is gorgeous. Where are you teaching - I might want to take a class and possibly quilt a king size for our bed if I ever get the top done.