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Friday, February 25, 2011

February = Crazy!

If I had to describe the month of February in one word it would be "Crazy" and not just this year but every year February ends up being one of my busiest months. Partly because it is my daughters birthday month, the high maintenance daughter, not the easy one! This year was actually the most mellow birthday she has ever had. Her friends threw her a party at their house, she was gone for almost 24 hours, then when she came home for birthday dinner she got called into work. Well in the hurry to get her fed before she flew out the door... Dad incinerated her dinner... UGG well Happy Birthday anyhow kiddo!

This month has also been crazy busy with longarm classes, Oh and time spent at the shop doing my own quilts. So far I have been there every weekend except last weekend as my class was canceled due to the student getting sick!

This month is the big push to get all of the last minute quilting done for all of the quilt show entries, I have finished the yellow and purple pansy quilt and think it turned out lovely...

The colors didn't turn out very well the quilt is really a bright yellow and purple. I also had a heck of a time getting a good photo of the quilting... bu there it is...

I played around and did a circle feather in each circle (this was a first for me) and then I filled the rest with fern feathers... Love those... and actually you can see them even better on the back than you can on the front.
I do love my Minkee backings.. they are so soft and show the quilting so very well!

I also made another last minute quilt... this was the BOM this month at our local Craft Warehouse...
I have over the years collected a LOT of different oriental prints, I can't help myself I LOVE them, well I also fell in love with this block. It is a total PITA to piece but the end result is well worth it. I decided to use a different print for each kimono... there are 56 block is this quilt... I did NOT use all of my Asian prints... I found about 10 more after I was finished with the quilt...

As I work on my quilts I show them to my Daycare kids.. one of my oldest kiddos ask me is she could make a block to turn in next Quilt Party, I said sure... here she is working on her block. I did all of the cutting, she did all of the stitching, together we pressed. She was a good student and did an excellent job. Sounds like she is going to start coming to Q.P. with me.
Here is Miss B with her finished block!

And a close up of her finished block.
Yes a crazy busy month! I have finally gotten around to binding Stuarts quilt Magic Hour... Now in my house of 5 cats you can NEVER make a quilt with out help.. here is Groucho AKA Cho "helping" me bind the quilt. He was a BIG help let me tell you. After much pulling, pushing and prodding I got the quilt done and he had an excellent nap!

One of my favorite crazy busy bits this month... Morgen, had her first "date" she ask a friend who happens to be a boy to the Sadie Hopkins dance (do we know why it is called Sadie Hopkins?) They met up there with a group of friends, danced and had a blast. She was all dressed up and ready to go. She reports that it was the most fun at a school dance that she has ever had. I guess so, her legs were sore for 3 days after wards!

Well that is my Crazy month in a nutshell, and we still have three days left!
I will post pictures of the Kimono quilt when I am finished with it. I think I may give that one to Morgen as a surprise... Shh don't tell her!
Happy quilting,

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