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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Leap!

Around this time last year I started working on a quilt for my darling husband, that quilt turned into Magic Hour. Well, this quilt is not exactly small, it measures 102" x 102" and was WAY to big for my quilt frame, As a matter of fact it maxed out the frame at the shop too!

Now, fast forward to last month, I finally got around to putting the binding on Stuart's quilt, washed it and put in on our king size bed, it looks lovely btw.. But there is only about 4 inches of over hand on the sides. After putting the quilt on Stuart turns to me and says, "you need to make a bigger quilt so it hangs down the sides more" I explained that I can't make a bigger quilt as I don't have access to a frame large enough to quilt one. Now we have been talking for a while about my getting a larger frame just for this reason. So he then says to me... Go ahead and order the 12' frame you have been wanting!!!

Just that simple! I have wanted to so badly and had even talked to Sue to see if they could build me a frame that size (on their website they offer a 10' frame as their king size) But I could not order one with out Stuart agreeing as it is a pretty big money outlay. Well, I waited a day and then ask him if he was sure I could order the frame, I told him exactly how much it would be and he says "Happy Valentines Day" (this is over a dinner at our favorite Chinese place too)

So I came home and called Sue, 45 minutes later after a rather long extensive conversation with Art (did I mention this is a custom job) my frame is ordered and will *hopefully* be delivered in mid march! Just in time for my birthday!

Oh and Stuart has already outlined the next quilt he wants... emerald green with a 4' Celtic knot in the center... and being the good wife...I ordered the fabric and drew up and printed the design yesterday... Stay tuned!

Happy quilting,


Tammy said...

Congratulations Ginny, that is AWESOME news and a well deserved present I might add. This will get you ready for that business when you're done with day care! I'm thrilled for you. And I'm excited to take your class in March, can't wait - oh, do I need to get thread for this class, please let me know when you have a minute. Hugs!!

Barb said...

What a fabulous is sooooo awesome!

Jen said...

Congrats! What a great way to celebrate love! :) What a fabulous husband, you lucky girl! Love the quilt too!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Fabulous quilt!! Love the colors!

Micki said...

That quilt is just so stunning!