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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rental Handouts...

Ok, this is just a quick post today. I have gotten several emails asking about the papers I hand out in my class. So I have decided to add them to my blog, they will be permanently at the bottom of the screen. I developed these as teaching tools, the content is entirely mine. Please feel free to use the instructions as you like. Make changes to reflect your personal information and what you will be teaching. PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH OR SELL my handouts! If you want to post these or share these please contact me first for permission. I will probably grant it, but it would be nice if you ask before you share! Or you can just direct others to this website.

You will find three different handouts, The first one is the one I email to my students, this is a general guide explaining what they will learn and what to bring, it also gives resources to purchase thread.

Secondly, is my quilting checklist. We follow this step by step in the class. It gets them going one step at a time.

the third one is how to prepare you quilt for longarm quilting.
This is valid for ANYONE who takes their quit to be longarmed, either by a professional or by yourself these guidelines don't change. There is also instruction on how to attache zippers for zippered leaders. And how to attach your boarder so they don't ruffle!

Oh and one more little thing, I have gotten complaints on my purple writing on the black background, I finally figured out how to change the text color, so lavender it is!

Happy quilting,

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