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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun Stuff.. and not so Fun Stuff...

March, one of my favorite months of the year! March means the start of spring, flowers blooming, my birthday and our local quilt show, all of these are some of my favorite things!

This March has been a good month, well pretty much. I will start with the good and then go from there.

This last weekend was our local quilt show, I will make a post showing some of the beautiful quilts at the show a bit later. Today I am going to show you a quilt that I did this weekend. This is not my quilt but a customer quilt, a very special customer quilt. You see I am not really in business yet and have only done two other quilts for hire, one was a total commissioned quilt, and the other was a rush job for Stacy.. she needed it done a.s.a.p. for her brothers wedding. Well she called me Saturday during the show to ask if I could do another rush job, I said yes, and this is the quilt. The pictures are not great because they were taken with my cell phone. Now Stacy is a new quilter, I think this is her second or maybe third quilt, she does have some learning to do, but she gets an A+ for effort! She ask me if I could quilt it like the favorite question..not. I was able to do everything except the center medallion on the 5" squares, so we compromised and did a feathered heart... Here are the pictures....

I was very happy with the final quilt, the quilting really enhanced the finished product! But most importantly, Stacy was delighted!
I am glad I got it done for her yesterday...
Mainly because that will be the last quilting I get to do for the next couple of weeks. The bad news in my life... OK so I don't usually give bad news on my blog and I don't usually discuss my medical issues. But today I am breaking that...

You see, I go in for surgery on Friday. During my last "girly" check up the Dr. found a growth in my uterus that is now outside on my cervix also. They will be removing the growth and running tests for cancer. I am not scared and not really letting it bother me. I know that it will be all right. I am bothered that I won't be able to quilt for a bit because that is what keeps me sane. So, if by chance I don't post for a bit. Don't worry, I will be back as soon as I have something pretty to share!
Until then, keep on quilting and lets enjoy the warmer March weather!
Happy quilting,


Barb said...

Good luck with your surgery, do keep us informed.

I so love the quilt and your quilting.

Robin Hill Quilts~Eileen G. said...

Thinking of you Ginny! Love the feathers!
♥ Eileen