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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sold My Frame! Bring on the 12 Footer!!!

Sometimes life can be funny.. Yesterday was a day from hell! I had to go in for my Pre Op and then register at the surgery center, I also got to have a mammogram! Yep fun day... So in the middle of all these appointments I get this phone call (I literally was getting ready to take my shirt of and put the little pasties on) The call was from a lady who saw my Suzy Q frame listed on Craigslist! She was very interested as she had just been looking at one at the quilt show last weekend. I scheduled for her to come over yesterday evening... And she bought the frame!!! I will be delivering it to her next week, helping her set up her machine and giving her some tips on quilting with a 9 inch throat machine. I could not be more thrilled. 

Here was the kicker, after she left I noticed the husbands name on her check, I ask Stuart if he knew a guy named Don H.... He say well, yea I worked with him years ago at Hanford, he was instrumental in my advancing to management! Needless to say, Stuart will be going with me to deliver the frame so he can visit his old mentor! It truly is a small world!

So with my old frame sold, and my new one being delivered tomorrow now all I have to do is wait for my Homesteader to make its way back home! I got an email from Jennifer and they are almost done making all of the upgrades. To quote her...

The timing issue is to do with the timing of the take up arm. That has to do with an internal cam which we will change.

I know you will be very happy with your improved Homesteader.

I can't ask for more than that! So with any luck she will be sending my machine back home to me soon and I will be up and quilting again... I have three new quilts I am working on, plus a little scrappy thing I am putting together from corners cut off the three I am working on... It just seemed like such a waste to throw away those little 1 inch half square triangles... here is a sneak peek...

OK so the pictures aren't great, but you get the idea, these are pretty small still as they are just laid out on the ironing board.

I am not sure which one I like better so far, and since this is just a play around thing it is not a top priority, I have another quilt I need to get done asap as a surprise for a friend...

Well, that's about it for today, thanks for letting me share my good news. 

Happy quilting,

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Barb said...

I hope the rest of your week goes better, It is a small world isn't ti...glad you got your frame sold.