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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My new frame is here!

Just a short posting today... having a bit of a rough day here... will be going in next week for another mammogram, am not dealing with this bit of news very well.
But.. That is NOT what this posting is about. I just wanted to share first pictures of the new frame, Wow!!!
 This baby is really long!As you can see we off loaded it in the garage, will be taking it out to the sewing room this evening when Stuart gets home from work!
 It is fully as long as my van. Yes I have space for it in the sewing room, I have spent every night this week clearing out my "junk corner"
 Once we get it out there I will have to lay out the table and level the frame. I will also have to sew casings on the leaders for my new loading system.. I ordered a set of the Red Snappers!
Sadly, my Homesteader is still in NC. Jennifer ran into some issues during the upgrade and it has taken quite a bit longer than expected. The bad news it looks like it will be a few more weeks, the good news she is making Major changes since I have one of the very first Homesteaders from the sounds of it! So I won't be able to get to put this frame to use until April at the soonest. Thank you Sue for bringing me my new frame! I you are interested in the Suzy Q frames, I would highly recommend them. Art and Sue are two of the nicest people, and they make a good quality product. I love the fact that due to the new Stitch Regulator I am putting on my Homesteader, Art custom built parts of this frame to match my exact specifications!
Plus he made it longer than what they sell on their site, so if you go to and don't see a size you want, call them and they will probably be able to get you what you need! Yep this just turned into an advertisement LOL

Hey Wendi, I just got the MOST interesting call from Bobbie!
And with that I shall bid you farewell.



Barb said...

I love your frame.....I am excited for you. sorry about your health issues...hope it all turns out okay!

Gene Black said...

I know you are excited about getting your Homesteader. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Thinking about you with the mammogram issues. Take care of yourself.

Bridget B said...

Hope your health issues will be turn out fine. Enjoy that new frame.