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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Many Hands Make Light Work

Just a quick check in to show off the work we got done this weekend!

Since we are tearing out the carpet this seemed like the perfect time to paint! So I spent the week packing up my kitchen and dining room, now neither one of these rooms had ever been painted, so 15 years of wear and tear took a bit of prep time. We started early, patched and cleaned then started painting at about 10 am... with 5 of us working it actually went pretty fast. The cutting in took the most amount of time, but once that was done I was able to roll the walls pretty rapidly. I think it looks nice. The color we chose was "pale daffodil"
Morgen and Cassie working hard!
Torrie was really thrilled! She hates painting as much as I do, BUT we loved the results.Yep that's me! I only paint as high as I can reach because I do not like heights! This is after, I love the soft yellow! Another shot, looks much nicer than it did! The room is really open now. And my kitchen, I have the a very small kitchen!

So, that's it for this weekend. I am off to do laundry and pack up the living room so we can start on the floors Friday afternoon. If you look up you can see the ucky old linoleum that is going away! I promise to show pictures of the floors as we do them.

Wish me luck.



GoldenAngelsWorks said...

My mom just got done painting her kitchen a tone of yellow... think it was a little darker yellow.... she loves the bright cheery kitchen now.

free indeed said...

It looks great Ginny! My kitchen is a pale yellow too. I've accented with sage green and mahogany..I love it! How exciting to be getting all this work done! It'll be like having a new home.

Shogun said...
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Shogun said...

I think painting rooms is so much fun and it makes such a big difference. I have a few painting projects planned as soon as the kids go back to school.

Barb said...

I am so excited for is looking wonderful so far...can't wait to see the end results...who needs the home and garden channel when I have your blog???

Myra said...

There is nothing more satisfying than a freshly painted look of a room... Makes one feel great! Looks wonderful! Good for you and your helper! 8-)

Tammy said...

Your kitchen looks so cheery and bright. Don't suppose you'd like to paint my bathroom for me, haha. Painting is such a pain, but it sure looks great when it's done.