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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Close ups of the Coffee quilts.

I offered, Jane ask, here they are!
These are the close ups of the three coffee quilts. All three are a very simple square in a square, although I think I do mine wrong since they kind of float... I like the look so since I have yet to meet a quilt police I guess will be OK!This one is cute, I liked the coffee cup sashing.I still really like this quilt, but then I am very fond of blue.
I did mention before that I would be putting one of these three in my Etsy shop. I will be giving one to a friend and keeping one. I am not sure which one will go in the shop, if you have any suggestions or would like to purchase one, let me know and I can make that the for sale one!
OK off to work, today is my FRIDAY! The last 4 day work week I get for oh probably forever! I have loved having 3 day weekends all summer, but it will be nice having a full income again too!
Have a great day,


Shogun said...

Thank goodness there are no quilt police!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh thank you sooo much, I really like the one you used for your header, I now need to get some of the blue, that just seems to make the quilt pop! thank you so much for sharing the close ups!!

Millie said...

Very nice coffee quilt and close up pictures!

Zlaty said...

You must love coffee!
I have to have a cofee in the morning!
I am making quilt for my mom, she loves coffee, too.

Happy sewing!


Myra said...

Hi Ginny! But my you have been a busy gal!
Lovely coffee quilts!
That shoe quilt is awesome! Love it! 8-)
Your black, white, and red for your bed is going to be great! Love the fabrics!
Carl's quilt turned out great!
Your scoochy is such a little cutie... So handsome with his new haircut... 8-)
I am back from my hiatus, and I think all caught up!
Happy stitchings and have a great weekend! 8-)

SewCalGal said...

absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.